The Doha Girls Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, continues the contest titled “Sanaa El-Banat” (Girls’ Manners), which focuses on instilling a set of customs, traditions and values that we have been raised on. The Center is committed to transmitting these customs and values to new generations, in order to help girls refine their personalities, especially with the penetration of the internet and modern devices, which open our sons and daughters eyes to different cultures, and carry more harm than benefit.
The contest was titled “In Ramadan … We educate and entertain, and you stay at home”.
The competition targets girls aged 8 and above. It is launched through the Doha Girls Center social media pages, in cooperation with the Al-Mashmoom Fashion, One Three and Coca Qatar, the three sponsors presented prizes to the winners.
Doha Girls Center, posted, via its various digital platforms, a video every Tuesday for three weeks of the blessed month of Ramadan, in which coach Nadia Al Mannai provided valuable information about Qatari manners and customs. A question about the episode was posed at the end of the video, and the coach invited the girls to participate in a competition “Sanaa El-Banat”.
The contest comes in fulfillment of the vision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports “Towards a Conscious Society with an Authentic Conscience and a Healthy body”, in the context of the efforts of the “Doha Girls Center” to preserve the Qatari heritage and enhance the national identity.