On Saturday, H.E. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, inaugurated the tree planting event at the Sheraton Garden, in the presence of the Minister of Municipality and Environment, and a number of ambassadors of the countries participating in the “Doha, Capital of the Islamic Youth” event.

The tree planting event aims to: commemorate Doha’s hosting of “Doha, Capital of the Islamic Youth,” event, promote sustainable development that achieves the National Vision 2030, also to affirm the value of planting in the religion of Islam, and to achieve institutional partnerships between ministries. Mai Al-Kubaisi, head of the creative committee in the organizing committee for the activities of the “Doha, Capital of the Islamic Youth,” event said: “The Committee has worked diligently during the past weeks to organize this distinguished event. A group of Muslim youth from most of the member countries contributed to planting trees.” She further pointed out that the idea of ​​the tree planting event centered around the contribution of Muslim youth to increasing the green space in the State of Qatar, which in turn contributes to supporting Qatar’s National Vision 2030, as well as the orientation and environmental aspect of Qatar in preserving the environment. Al-Kubaisi explained that the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the official partner in the tree planting event, pledged to care for the 50 trees that were planted for life.

Amidst the event, a group of youth participating from the OIC Member States planted a number of trees, as a contribution to increasing the green area and promoting environmental development, as well as to increase knowledge on the different types of trees, plants and their diverse environments. An overview will be provided about each tree and its source.

On the other hand, the committee organizing the activities of the “Doha, Capital of the Islamic Youth,” event participates in the 30th edition of the Doha International Book Fair, with a number of various activities, by displaying the winning innovations, short videos, paintings, and photos. Furthermore, in the other section of the scientific club pavilion, in partnership with The US Embassy, various scientific workshops in the field of electronics and robotics are being demonstrated. The distinguished and winning participants will be present at the “Doha, Capital of the Islamic Youth,” event to attend the closing ceremony, which will be held on the sidelines of the exhibition, and then the key, which is the symbol and logo of the main event, is to be handed over to the host country.

In this context, Dr. Issa Al-Hur, Head of Youth Development and Empowerment Section at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and Chairman of the Technical Affairs Committee of the “Doha, Capital of the Islamic Youth,” event said: “The Ministry has provided all its capabilities, expertise and experiences for a unique organization of the activities of the “Doha, Capital of the Islamic Youth 2019,” event under the supervision and organization of the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Activities. The activities included the launch of the Doha Prize for Youth Innovation and presentation of the events program, most notably: establishment of the “Doha Islamic Youth Forum,” the organization of the “Doha Oasis for Innovation,” and the hosting of the “Doha Youth Camp” for volunteer and humanitarian work.

He explained that the activities reflected an appropriate environment for acquaintance between young people from the Islamic world, who interacted about issues of concern to them, as they were able to dialogue and exchange views, and discuss a group of pioneering youth projects and experiences, noting that the events were in line with the strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which is based on empowering youth by offering them opportunities to take responsibility and participate in decision-making, considering youth the capital of the future and the focal point of investment.

He added that Doha is a land for dialogue and a forum for cultures, tolerance and openness to civilizations. This has been apparent during various events throughout the year. Moreover, youth events have strengthened the bonds of friendship and respect that unite Qatar with other countries of the Islamic world.

He further pointed out that the closing ceremony of the “Doha, Capital of the Islamic Youth,” event will take place on Thursday, January 16, on the sidelines of the “Doha Book Fair” in the main theater with the participation of 30 young people, after which the Islamic youth who are present will be bid farewell, since they have placed an honorable imprint through their participation in all the major events.

Al-Hur explained that the organizing committee participates in a pavilion dedicated to it within the Doha International Book Fair in which the winning paintings, pictures and short videos are displayed. The “Doha Oasis” participation is in the form of showing the three innovations winning the individual prize, and the first prize for the participants in the collective competition in which participants from Islamic countries were divided into seven groups, each consisting of 6 participants who worked within 48 hours to create a new invention before the public.

For his part, Fawaz Al-Masifari, Head of Youth Centers and Clubs in the Department of Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Culture and Sports said: “The exhibition on the “Doha, the capital of Islamic Youth” event participating in the “Doha Book Fair” will witness the display of artworks winning the Prize for Photography and Fine Arts, and the “Doha Oasis for Innovation.” He further noted that the organizing committee of the “Doha Oasis for Innovation” was keen to use the opportunity of the book fair to display the results before the public, and for them to watch the most prominent outputs of the events, as the winners of the special pavilion of the event will present to the public an explanation of the winning projects and innovations.

As for the preparations for the closing ceremony, Al-Mesifari explained that the organizing committee is ready to receive participants who are distinguished throughout the year in all the activities of “Doha, the capital of the Islamic Youth,” event as they will meet and get to know each other. The committee will also organize a schedule of visits to the exhibition with a view to informing participants of the aspects of «Doha Book Fair» and what it includes, noting that honoring the winners will be at the conclusion of this event at the Doha International Book Fair, as the ceremony will be held before the conclusion of the exhibition activities.