Al-Jasra Cultural and Social Club participates in the Doha International Book Fair this year. A space has been allocated for Al-Jasra Salon at the Fair to host a number of its activities. The first event  presents an overview of the history of Al-Jasra Cultural Salon by artist and poet Ali Mirza, who had a rich experience with Al-Jasra Salon where he presented several poetry reciting events during different cultural and literary seasons and occasions. The evet will start tomorrow evening, during which poet Ali Mirza will review to the audience the long history of Al-Jasra Club and its role in enriching the cultural movement during its busy journey. The series of events will be hosted during 13-18 January, where author Hassan Al-Anwari will participate in the second event in which he presents a lecture on the habit of reading as a drive to better life.

As for the third event, it will be held on January 15 and will celebrate signing a book entitled (Love in the Time of Corona) by author and intellectual Hanan Badie. On the fourth day, similarly, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Malik will participate; while the event will be moderated by Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Selim to discuss the important role of criticism in enriching and evaluating our cultural publications.

The fifth day will celebrate signing a book entitled (Islamic Advocacy “Dawah” and Its Impact on Reducing Marital Disputes) by author Ahmed Al-Buainain. As for the sixth day, Dr. Latifa Al-Mughaisib will talk about documenting community events through art. In addition, Mr. Muhammad Al-Marri, a Qatari journalist, will participate on the seventh day of the Fair in Al-Jasra events program by presenting a lecture entitled (Shall We Say Farewell to the World of Books?)

Visitors of the Fair and Salon, moreover, will meet on the eighth day with Mr. Hassan Hamoush and Mr. Saleh Gharib in a session on a topic entitled (The Future of Printed Press). Finally, the ninth day will be an open discussion day; while the tenth day will be the closing day. Author Hanan Badie, coordinator of Al-Jasra Cultural Salon, will present and manage these events.

The Club’s publications will be displayed and distributed at the Salon’s allocated zone in order to keep the visitors updated on the list of published works and benefit from them.

The management of Al-Jasra Club expressed a sincere appreciation to the support and encouragement it always receives from the Ministry of Culture, and praised this initiative and the honor that the Club received by allocating a zone for the Cultural Salon on this public international occasion.