Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al Arab,” in cooperation with the Embassy of Argentina at Qatar, announced the launch of the eleventh edition of the “Nazra” competition, which will be held in the Spanish language via the Center’s Instagram platform. The Center stated that this edition of the competition concerns only Argentines residing in Qatar or in Argentina.


The “Nazra” competition, organized under the banner of “monthly, local, Arab and international,” comes within the framework of the efforts of the “Diwan Al Arab” Center to enrich the poetic scene in the State of Qatar and endeavor to sponsor it among its digital platforms, in addition to opening up to the international poetic scene, given the keenness of the competition to embrace international poets. The competition has previously focused on classical Arab poets, as well as poets speaking such international languages as Turkish, English, Hindi, French and Urdu.


It is expected that all the winners in the “Nazra” competition will be rewarded during World Poetry Day, which Qatar Poetry Center celebrates every year. This competition attracts significant attention on the digital platforms of “Diwan Al Arab,” among the varied contributions received by the Center, adding to the number of competitions and programs held by Qatar Poetry Center, through which “Diwan Al Arab” seeks to support and disseminate poetic talent through its various digital platforms, and develop creativity among young people.