The Ministry of Culture’s Qatari Publishers and Distributers Forum and Wijdan Cultural Center are participating in “My Child and I,” a two-day event that started yesterday, organized in collaboration with the Qatar Reads initiative.

The events start at 4:00 PM and continue until 9:00 PM at Oxygen Park. The events are held in celebration of Mother’s Day, and they offer opportunities for current and future mothers to learn and gain experience from the planned activities. The program also gives visitors the opportunity to meet with experts and to find various products that all mothers need.

Among the planned activities is “Mothers’ Talk,” an event that gives visitors the opportunity to listen to expert advice on motherhood from specialists. Another event is “Meet an Expert,” which involves informal consultations with specialists such as Fatin Azzam from Qatar National Library, Dr. Alyaa Naz, and Dr. Nurat Fadl from Sidra Medical, among others.

Participants can benefit from these events by learning about women’s health, mental health, nutrition, and reading habits. They can also participate in the shopping event that provides a large selection of maternity products.

Riyad Ahmed Mohammed Saleh, Director of the Ministry of Culture’s Qatari Publishers and Distributers Forum, commented that the Ministry is participating in several events that focus on childcare in an outreach campaign to promote reading, culture, and knowledge. He emphasized the role of families, and particularly mothers, in raising new generations and in instilling the love of reading in them.

At these events, books on motherhood and childcare that are published by the Ministry and Qatari publishers are distributed. The Ministry is also organizing a series of activities, such as story time for children.

Saleh commented that the Ministry is coordinating the efforts of various agencies and organizations, such as Qatar Reads, to promote reading. Wijdan Cultural Center’s research department is also participating in “My Child and I” events to promote its Wijdan Childcare Guide. The guide includes a series of eight books that target children aged 4-6. It also includes a parent’s manual on how to use the guide. Wijdan Childcare Guide aims to promote social values among young children through stories that come with activities that help children apply their learning. Copies of the guide were distributed to all visitors.