A group of Qatari publishing houses is participating in the 32nd edition of Doha International Book Fair, which continues at Doha Exhibition and Conference Center under the slogan “By reading, we rise” until June 21.

The Qatari publishing houses offer a large number of diverse and distinctive titles and publications that contribute to enriching Qatari and Arab libraries, which have become comprehensive in terms of the presence of scientific books, novels, research and other literature.

In this context, Dr. Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari, the CEO of Rosa Publishing House, said that the participation of Rosa Publishing House for the sixth time in a row in Doha International Book Fair brings about 230 publications, of which 85 percent are by Qatari writers and authors in various fields, especially novels, children’s and adolescent literature, short stories, in addition to the studies that took a large part in the house’s participation during this year, in addition to self-development books, pointing out that a number of writers and authors will launch their books during the days of the exhibition in the “Rosa Publishing” pavilion.

For his part, Mr. Khaled Abdul Rahim Al-Sayed, the Director of Cultural Affairs and Events Department at (Katara), said in a similar statement that Dar (Katara) participates in the exhibition with about (300) titles, in addition to recent publications and various titles, some of which focus on heritage, Arabic novels and culture, and more. Among the (22) books on sports and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 that will be launched on the sidelines of the exhibition.

In addition, Ahmed Al-Semini, the media spokesman for Qatar University Press, stated that Qatar University Press is participating in the exhibition with more than (60) titles in several different fields, including: law, politics, sociology and Sharia, pointing out that one of the most prominent new publications of the house and participating in the exhibition is a book Principles of commercial law, and a book on social research in the field of sociology.

As for Munira Saad Al-Rumaihi of Hamad Bin Khalifa Publishing House, she pointed out that this year the house participates in forty distinguished publications, including children’s books, novels, politics and history books, explaining her greater interest in children’s books, and in Qatari and resident writers on the land of the State of Qatar.

She highlighted that the participation of the house comes to provide picture books for children, adolescents and youth, in addition to high-quality translated works for reading lovers and students of all ages, stressing that Doha Book Fair is one of the most important cultural forums that we await year after year, as Hamad bin Khalifa House is keen to publish to include its strategy that is interested in publishing unique and innovative works of elite creative and talented people from Qatar and other countries of the Arab region, to meet the needs of the local cultural community.

In addition, she pointed out that the book fair is a major event for communication, through which the house aspires to consolidate its existing relations with specialists in the field of publishing, and to form new relations with Arab publishing institutions in the region. For the house, the exhibition represents a valuable opportunity to display the collections of works that are characterized by unparalleled diversity, and to enhance communication channels with readers.

In turn, Amira Al-Rifai, a sales official at Dar Al-Watad, indicated that the house’s participation in the current edition of Doha International Book Fair includes 202 titles, including (47) new publications between novels, research, children’s novels, scientific books, law books, and children’s novels, pointing out that Dar Al-Watad is specialized in publishing and distribution. It participates every year in the exhibition with the aim of promoting the titles in which it participates.