The activities of the National Day were concluded in Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal, which was held by the Organizing Committee for the 2022 National Day celebrations, during the period from November 25 to December 18, under the slogan “Our Unity is the Source of Our Strength”.

The events achieved great success and attracted large numbers of audiences, especially families of citizens and residents who were keen to accompany their children to enjoy the activities that varied between cultural, heritage, educational, artistic, entertainment, competitions, workshops, and others.

This year, Darb Al Saai witnessed the largest gathering of cultural, artistic and literary events, over a period of 24 days, with a rich package of intellectual seminars, poetry evenings, theatrical performances and visual arts, aimed at highlighting Qatari culture, national identity and authentic heritage.

The Ministry of Culture implemented a wide range of activities within 4,500 cultural and heritage activities, which were distributed to more than 191 main activities, as Darb Al Saai Theater witnessed the organization of more than 46 cultural and artistic activities daily, including 24 cultural seminars, 6 poetry evenings and 9 theatrical performances, throughout the celebration period, with the participation of the Center for Theater Affairs, the Center for Music Affairs, the Center for Visual Arts, the Qatar Poetry Center (Diwan Al-Arab), the Qatar Media Center, the Qatari Forum for Authors, the Qatar Center for Photography and other centers affiliated with the Ministry.

The cultural and heritage events came along with the national vision of the Organizing Committee for the Qatar National Day 2022 celebrations, which aims to enhance the participation of all members of society, visitors and guests of the State of Qatar in the National Day celebrations, highlight the country’s history and authentic heritage, and keep pace with the world’s most prominent sporting event, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 organized by the state It attracted the fans of the teams participating in the tournament and achieved great success.

The visitors praised the efforts of the Organizing Committee for the 2022 National Day celebrations in presenting a distinguished version this year that was able to keep pace with the unique organization of the 2022 World Cup. In separate meetings on the sidelines of their visit to Darb Al Saai, they expressed their happiness at highlighting Qatari culture and heritage at this exceptional time, which gives the world the opportunity to learn about the country’s history and its people by visiting the events site, where they valued the Committee’s efforts over the course of 24 days to present a rich package of heritage and cultural events that won the admiration of citizens, residents and visitors to the country who are fans of the World Cup. Besides, they emphasized that the cultural activities succeeded in attracting visitors, as all the events held in Darb Al Saai received a large public turnout, especially the heritage events that the Ministry of Culture was keen to highlight this year the various events including Darb Al Saai market, Al-Bidaa and Al-Izbah, as it gives a vivid picture and realistic scenes that touch the nature of the authentic Qatari customs and traditions, and the features of the life of the desert in Qatar in the past.

At the beginning, Mr. Fahd Al-Marri, who visited Darb Al Saai on his last day with his children, said that the Ministry of Culture was able to present the best version of the activities of the National Day in Darb Al Saai and accompanied the unique version of the FIFA World Cup Qatar. During the fans’ visits to the new events site, which was distinguished by the capacity of space and distinguished services such as parking lots and others, and at the end of his speech, Al-Marri raised the highest verses of congratulations and blessings to His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, the Emir, the Father Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Deputy Emir and the general public Qatari and residents, praying to God Almighty to perpetuate security and safety and for the country to have more progress and prosperity.

Mr. Sadiq Mohammad Saeed agreed with his predecessor about the excellence of the National Day activities this year, and added by saying that: The distinguished services provided to visitors to Darb Al Saai reflect the extent of the committee’s efforts to present this year’s celebrations in this distinctive way, congratulating the committee on the success of the events that had an unprecedented turnout, especially since Darb AL Saai in Umm Salal was distinguished by its space, which provided the opportunity to add events and receive larger audiences. Sadiq Ayat extended his congratulations to the Emir of the country, the Emir, the Father and the Deputy Emir, and to all citizens and residents on this occasion that is dear to the hearts of all.

For his part, Mr. Zahid Hassan Mohammed said that the heritage events held in Darb Al Saai contribute greatly to highlighting the civilized image of the State of Qatar, in addition to reflecting an aspect of the popular heritage, in this place that is visited by a large number of fans.

He expressed his pride in the country hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and its good organization, which won the admiration of the whole world, and its coincidence with the celebration of the National Day, stressing that the celebration of the National Day this year is exceptional with the success of the State of Qatar in organizing and hosting the World Cup.

In her turn, the mother, Sarah Al-Hayiki, said that: We congratulate our country and our Beloved Emir on the success of the National Day activities and the success of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, and she added by saying that our country was able to project a true picture of the Arab and Islamic peoples, and to introduce the world to our culture and history with what it offers through many events, in addition to the hospitality and generosity of the reception, which is witnessed by all the guests of Qatar, expressing her happiness to be in this wonderful atmosphere.

Samir Fadi said that the activities in Darb Al Saai are diverse and reflect the Qatari heritage as well as keep pace with the Qatar World Cup, explaining that Doha Stadium event is a real stadium that gathers visitors and shows the fans’ passion for football, hoping that this event will continue in the coming years.

Abdullah Raslan expressed his admiration for the activities of Darb Al Saai, describing them as beautiful and excellent, stressing that they urge children to learn archery, horseback riding and commitment, and introduce them to Qatari culture and history in particular, and the history of the Arab region in general. He also appreciated the efforts made by the Organizing Committee for the National Day activities in Darb Al Saai and upscale dealing with the public.

Abdul Ghani Al-Sibai added that he visited Darb Al Saai 3 times with his family to listen to the events and the heritage atmosphere and to follow the Moroccan national team match, praising the apparent solidarity and interdependence of all Arab nationalities for Morocco, which achieved a historic achievement in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Mrs. Sheikha Al-Salem said, “We are very happy with the achievements of our country, whether in the celebrations of the National Day or the World Cup.” She added by saying that we saw distinguished celebrations and a wonderful level of organization in Darb Al Saai. We also saw the good selection of cultural and heritage activities that spread our culture and entrench it in the minds of our children. I congratulated the leadership and people of Qatar on the occasion of the National Day of the State.

Nasser Al-Saadi said that the celebration of the National Day is an opportunity in which we renew our loyalty to our leadership and our country, and it brings back to our memory the sacrifices made by the ancestors for the sake of this country, explaining that the slogan of the National Day this year promotes unity and solidarity for the sake of the dear homeland, and we take our children to the path of Al Saai and celebrate with them On this precious occasion, in order to enhance the sense of belonging and patriotism in them.

For his part, Abdul Aziz Al Yafei said that the celebration of the National Day this year coincides with the World Cup Championship, which is what distinguishes this precious occasion this year, and therefore we celebrate the anniversary of the National Day and at the same time the country’s success in organizing the world championship at this level, which has become the talk of the world, explaining that the activities Darb Al Saai always attracts visitors, especially families, on the occasion of the National Day, because it embodies much of the country’s history and enhances the heritage of the ancestors.

Osama Ali Mohammed said that the occasion of celebrating the National Day is a day to remember the glories of the ancestors, from which the Qatari people derive strength and determination and at the same time enhance the sense of belonging to the homeland, pointing out that Darb Al Saai activities all reinforce this patriotic feeling among the Qatari citizen, especially as they are heritage activities that embody the history of the country and highlights before the visitors the magnitude of the challenges they faced in order to preserve this dear homeland.

Osama Mohammad added by saying that: “The National Day activities that were held in Darb Al Saai carried many important messages, foremost of which is the importance of working hard to serve this country.”