DQatar achieved a distinguished participation in the Riyadh International Book Fair, as the participation aimed to strengthen cultural relations between the two countries, in addition to displaying the Qatari intellectual production of Qatari publishing houses, and displaying the literary and intellectual publications of the Qatari Ministry of Culture. At the same time, many Qatari publishing houses participated by displaying a variety of publications in novels, literature, research, science, law, children’s books, and others. The exhibition activities brought together the latest publications and titles in various types of literature, Arts and knowledge, with the participation of more than 1,800 publishing houses. The cultural program of the exhibition enriched its visitors with more than 200 events, including: dialogue seminars, poetry evenings performed by a group of classical and Nabati poets, workshops in various fields of knowledge, alongside storytellers, and various activities to educate children, in addition to Saudi and international theatrical performances, and musical concerts. and singing, in addition to the (Book Talk) event, which hosts an elite group of influential thinkers and authors, in events that reflect all elements and components of culture.