Qatar Deaf Social Cultural Centre (QCSC), based in Al Waab, held a cultural meeting centered on formation and color language, in which the visual arts professor at the Audiovisual Education Complex in Doha was hosted by visual artist Noor Al Hadi. The translation into sign language was provided at this meeting by Professor Murad Al-Sauss, an expert and sign language instructor.

At the beginning of the meeting, the visual artist Noor El Hadi presented “6” of his paintings, including paintings expressing Qatari identity and heritage. Simplified information on the art of painting was provided to the attendees by members of the Centre. The artist Noor al-Hadi said: Not all painting is our art, part of which you can learn the example of Arabic calligraphy.

He added: “Painting is not only a talent, but it is only a science that can accomplish artworks in education. He said: “A whole city can work, and you don’t know how to draw, but there are laws to draw. He promised to hold a series of simplified art workshops and lectures on the art of painting. When I learn to draw, I know how to choose the right things with me, such as colors or how to organize my room. It is graphic that man can learn many things and generate a general taste in man. Only the simplified explanation he had given was a simple definition of the art of painting and he would hold forthcoming cultural meetings at the Deaf Centre for further communication with the Centre’s members. After attending on his paintings and giving them a simplified explanation of her and her subjects, some attendees were asked to do the drawing after he gave them some basic artistic keys on how to practice the art of painting. The audience expressed a clear interest in following up the works of the artist Noor El Hadi, thanking him for his simplified artistic explanation of the drawing.