The Youth Affairs Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized consultative meetings with young people in the northern regions with the international expert in preparing policies. Several parties participated in this meeting, namely: (Smaisma Al-Daayen Youth Center – Al Khor Sports Club – Al-Kaaban Youth Center – Al-Kaaban Girls Forum – Simaisma and Al-Daayen Youth Forum), at the headquarters of the Simaisma and Al-Daayen Youth Center.

The meeting focused on the discussion of the National Youth Policy Document, where the National Policy and its themes were introduced, as well as a hearing for young people to learn about their vision, proposals and role in the preparation of the Vision and to contribute to its dissemination.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, a youth licensing official, stressed that what is meant by the Qatar National Youth Policy, pointing out that it is a document that represents the commitment of the State of Qatar towards youth and the commitment of young people to development and includes their various interests, whether related to their issues, rights, empowerment and representation, and therefore it is the first official youth document that the Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the Youth Affairs Department, is working on, expecting it to contribute positively to the future of youth issues.

For his part, Mr. Nasser Al-Jabri, Head of the Youth Action Management and Development Section, explained the stages of the national youth policy, which is based on three stages: The first is the stage of data collection and interviews, and the second stage is an analysis of the current situation to identify opportunities and challenges.

He continued: As for the third stage, it is the preparation of the draft youth document to be reviewed with partners, from which it will be moved to the final version, noting that the document reflects 7 key themes developed by youth and partners, who will also be implementing partners.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nawaf Al-Modahaka, Head of the Simaisma and Al-Daayen Youth Center stressed the importance of the role of youth centers in preparing strategies and programs that are compatible with the national youth policy, pointing to the need for youth centers to adopt the youth’s vision, aspirations and desires.

He drew attention to the importance of renewal and diversification in the various programs offered by youth centres that attracted young people and their interests, with the need to renew activities in proportion to the existing segments of society, pointing out that the presence of renewable, diverse and non-traditional entertainment programs and events that will in turn attract and address the needs of many young people in Qatar.

In the same context, Mr. Issa Al-Humaidi, Vice President of the Simaisma and Al-Daayen Youth Center, spoke about the importance of the role of youth in preparing the national youth policy, pointing out that youth are the backbone and foundation of every nation. They are the leaders of society’s ship towards progress and development, the pulse of life in the veins of the nation, and an effective tool for construction and development. Youth have the ability, strength, energy and vitality that qualifies them to give from their work, efforts, determination and patience mature fruits to the nation, if they follow the correct path set in the direction of development and progress, and make use of their activities for the benefit of themselves and others in the service of the country and patriotism.