The Dana Girls Center – of the Ministry of Culture and Sports – has organized an online workshop entitled “Discover your drive to achieve your goals” by the teacher and trainer Mohamed Al-Haidar. The workshop is one of the workshops organized by the Center under the remote summer activities for girls. The workshop is driven by the Center’s concern to nurture the talents of the girls and develop their leadership and creative skills. Basically, the workshop targeted girls aged 15 and over, with the aim of discovering the true meaning of success and determining the sources of frustration and strength to help achieve our goals.
Several issues were addressed in the workshop including an introduction to positive psychology; how hope is lost and how do we get it back, what does true success mean and what are the most important challenges to success, how people associate their self-esteem with success, what about expectations for the feeling of accomplishment when we reach the peak, and finally when do individuals lose their personal drive and energy? To reach what we aspire to, Al-Haidar said, we need to answer some basic questions: What is our stepping stone towards achieving the goal? The goal should be a general one based on passion, skill, talent and internal conscience. Second, what is the real motive for this goal, does it stem from a personal desire or people’s view of us, which is called an (external stimulus)? Third, how to reach the goal which can be done through the use of our skills, capabilities, and strengths.
The Workshop, he pointed out, was well received and widely attended by the girls, noting that the workshop was interactive and offered help to the girls, opened new prospects for them and expanded their knowledge to achieve their goals. The remote workshops proved to be a successful experiment, he emphasized. In a short time, programs and workshops were applied online, and everyone now have access to any workshops or course from the comfort of their homes, whether in Qatar or abroad.
He called upon the girls to expand their knowledge and develop their skills by participating in different projects and voluntary work or school projects. If you have an idea, he continued, you have to try and implement it, and we should not judge ourselves based on the result of the experiment. Experiences, he explained, develop our skills and provide us with knowledge, benefit and wisdom and we have to go through experiences to learn and grow.