Ibrahim Lari, director of “Six Characters in Search of an Author”, confirmed that the Community College Theatre Troupe is ready to perform this evening the first show at the University Theatre Festival. Lari, moreover, said rehearsals on performing the play “Six Characters in Search of an Author” took place in the halls of the Community College of Qatar since about a month until the date of the premiere.

Commenting on the challenges encountered, Lari said: “Of course, we had a lot of difficulties, including the lack of a budget on time, which was received on a very tight deadline a week before the show, so we had a conflict with time to prepare all the basic requirements for the show, but it is expected and common to have such challenges at festivals. The time factor was not in our favor and the merging of the Doha Festival with the University Theatre Festival led to shorten the deadline set for our performances, which made things more difficult. Yet, the will and determination of our young actors and staff to present the theatrical performance on date, and to support the Department of Performing Arts and the Community College of Qatar, helped to facilitate and overcome all difficulties.”