The Jamiliya Youth Centre affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports organizes cultural dialogues during the month of January 2020 under the title (youth passion for cars: pros and cons) under the patronage of Mr. Khalifa Mohsen Al-Shahwani, Executive Director. The Jamiliya youth discuss with Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Khatib, the cultural supervisor of the centre the subject of youth passion for cars, which has become threatening many of our youth since it has killed many of them with no avail.

The supervisor has found that dialogues in this matter must be opened again because of the danger it presents to the lives of young people and for the alarming numbers that have died because of cars, all are young at the age and in the prime of their lives, among them children not more than fourteen in age. Hence, the bells of danger must be sounded and this phenomenon must be tackled and discussed with a reasonable and deliberate mind until we come to mechanisms and means to persuade the youth not to accept such a risky hobby.

We will try, on another level, to communicate with parents to make educational seminars in order to make them aware of the seriousness of this phenomenon and hold them responsible for the loss of children at an early age due to carelessness in using cars. The dialogues will continue during the month of January 2020. It is worth noting here that Al-Jamiliya has lost some of its children during the past weeks as a result of recklessness in riding cars by young inexperienced drivers.