The Qatar Social and Cultural Center for the Blind organized a panel discussion entitled ‏ “The status of blind women in Qatari society”. During the seminar on the celebration of International Women’s Day, the role of blind women in forming a successful family and their contribution to academic and professional excellence was highlighted.
The family counselor, Khaled Mohammed Abu Moza, presented the session and led the discussion on the rights that Islam has given women. Islam by that is the first religion to do that and thus Muslim countries became pioneers in when it comes to women rights. Abu-Moza stressed the importance of the position of blind women in Qatari society, their abilities to face and address various challenges, and their constant encouragement and motivation by the family and the provision of the appropriate environment.
The lecturer highlighted the role of the State of Qatar in caring for the protection and promotion of the rights of women with disabilities, highlighting some successful models of the Center’s affiliates in the family and work field.
The session witnessed the hosting of Iman Rammal, a member of the Qatar Social and Cultural Center for the Blind, as a mother of two girls, and pointed to the difficulties she faced as a blind mother for sighted children and her ability to overcome them.
Fatima Abu Sharidah, a member of the Center, also highlighted the importance of the self-reliance of blind women as much as possible and their development. She also presented her experience in education and work, and her development of her skills and abilities, as well as the challenges she faced and made her a stronger person, capable of giving and excellence in many fields.