Al Aziziya Youth Centre, the girls section, has organized a workshop on nutrition for diabetics during Ramadan. The workshop was held via the “Zoom” application, in the context of the precautionary measures taken by the Centre to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.
The workshop was organized for girls aged 15 years and over. It aimed at introducing female members of the Centre to proper nutrition methods in Ramadan, especially for people who have diabetes, as they may experience complications if they do not follow a specific diet during fasting time, and doctors advise them to consult a physician first before beginning to fast during Ramadan.
Additionally, those, whose health condition allows them to practice fasting, are given a specific diet so that they are not exposed to the risks of high or low blood sugar, for instance, if they are not following specific instructions in relation to eating. This was the focus of the girls’ workshop, as it educated the girls on proper ways to feed diabetic patients during Ramadan, so that they would have sufficient information on such important matter in case one of them is diabetic or has a relative who is.