Within the framework of Barzan Youth Center’s summer program activities, next week it will organize a variety of youth-oriented seminars with a view to improve youth leadership skills and discuss all problems and challenges they face.
In the spirit of the Center’s compliance with the State’s applicable laws requiring the suspension of all activities and events, it has conducted the same through the Center’s website and Social Media platforms in order to provide awareness activities and attract different age groups for the registration and participation in all its remote activities.
Over the past period, the Center broadcasted a live streaming of various workshops through its Social Media platforms, as well as uploading numerous videos and short videos prepared by a group of Media professionals, broadcasters and influencers on raising awareness and prevention methods against Coronavirus (Covid-19). Moreover, many relevant pieces of information and tips were broadcasted via the Center’s Radio in its new format through the website, along with focusing on the efforts exerted by the State’s several sectors. Occasionally, the Center also broadcasts short videos about how to do exercise and follow up on cultural and awareness activities.