Amid remarkable public interaction, Darb Al Saai witnessed the holding of the fourth symposium, which was titled “Exciting Tunes with a Sports Spirit”, in which the artist Ali Abdel Sattar and the poet Shihab Al-Shamrani participated, which was presented by the journalist Adel Abdullah.

The symposium witnessed the presentation of the star of the Qatari song, the artist Ali Abdel Sattar, for a group of his sports songs, with which the audience interacted, to the extent that prompted the children to go up to the stage, and his participation in performing some songs, amid the interaction and enthusiasm of the audience, who filled all sides of the main stage in Darb Al Saai.

During the symposium, the poet Shihab Al-Shamrani recited a number of his poems that captured the audience’s interaction, especially those with poetic taste, as these poems evoked the national atmosphere in the State of Qatar, in order to enhance the national identity, and confirm the authentic Qatari heritage, as well as evoke the atmosphere of the World Cup and welcoming visitors.

For his part, the artist, Ali Abdel Sattar, confirmed that the sports song has a great impact on arousing enthusiasm among the fans and players alike, which he touched while singing it, pointing out also that he has completed four new sports songs during the recent period, one of which was produced by the Ministry of Culture. In this context, he thanked His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Culture for his support in producing it.

He described the song “Hayyu Fariqi” as having achieved great success immediately after it was broadcasted, although his completion of it, accompanied by his partner, Jassim Safar, did not exceed 24 hours, in terms of writing the words, composing, recording and filming, which is the fastest lyrical work he performs during this very short period.

He said: He was never late in completing new lyrical works, during this major global sporting event, which is the FIFA World Cup – Qatar 2022, with all the great momentum it is gaining.

As for the poet Shihab Al-Shamrani, he described the sports song as a stimulus for the audience and the players at the same time, pointing out that writing the text itself also requires presenting it in a way that stimulates the players and the audience.

About the difference between the sports song directed to the national team, and the one directed to sports clubs, the poet Shihab Al-Shamrani confirmed that the song addressed to the national team is characterized by the fact that its space is open, and its tools can include national aspects, unlike the song directed to sports clubs, which do not enjoy this open space, or that large area.

He stressed on the importance of the sports song avoiding imitation and stereotypes, and achieving its independence, whether with regard to words, melody or singing, in order for it to achieve success, and emphasized that the song does not necessarily have to be traditional for others, as this will require it not to spread, and then fail.

Al-Shamrani said that the success of the sports song depends on the extent of its continuity, and, therefore, the work of the artist Ali Abdel Sattar is one of the timeless works, which has achieved great success thanks to its spread and continuity since it was completed.