The main theater in Darb Al Saai witnessed the holding of a new symposium entitled “Experiences of Foreigners Who Lived in Qatar”, and it came as part of the activities of the National Day 2022.

The symposium was attended by Dr. Mohammad Altaf, the Director of Al-Lulu Group in Qatar, and Mr. Rabai Sherait, the CEO of Jumbo Electronics, and it was run by the journalist and the writer, Dr. Abdullah Faraj Al-Marzouqi.

During the symposium, the two participants appreciated Qatar’s attractive environment for everyone to live in and then work. They appreciated the country’s success in hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, in addition to congratulating the country on the 2022 National Day.

On his part, Dr. Mohammed Altaf expresses his gratitude to the State of Qatar, which has provided him with a thriving work environment. Describing the State of Qatar as a safe country, and that he is lucky because he lives in it, pointing out that he came to Qatar nearly two decades ago.

He says that: The State of Qatar possesses all that is positive in modern society, and that is why I am happy that Qatar represents all that is positive. Stressing that thanks to unity, hard work and flexibility, the State of Qatar has demonstrated to the world its ability to achieve success and development.

He congratulated the State of Qatar on the occasion of the State’s National Day 2022, describing this occasion as very important for all of us, as everyone who lives in Qatar considers it their country. He praised Qatar’s successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which reflected Qatar’s ability in organizing.

He continued by saying that: He has previously attended four versions of the World Cup tournaments, and that the current version held in Qatar is safer and more organized, and has not witnessed anything like it before.

He says that: Everyone who resides in Qatar has a sense of pride in front of Qatar’s achievement in various fields, and that the millions of visitors to Qatar from the World Cup fans noticed that the people of Qatar welcomed them with an open heart, and that they opened their homes for them.

In turn, Rabai Sherait says that: I have been living in this blessed country for 42 years, and I have witnessed how Qatar was advancing day after day, and what it has achieved in all fields is respected, pointing out that he is more fortunate than others, because he had the opportunity to come to Qatar, and the development and growth he noticed there. He emphasized the integration of Indian culture with the culture of Qatar and the Arab Gulf states, through commercial relations over the years.

He continued by saying that: Words fail to express what is in my feelings, and that comes from the amount of development that I have seen in this country, as it is over a quarter of a century, and what Qatar has achieved in terms of development is considered as a dream, as it progresses day after day, and this is something that commands respect, whether in education, health or other fields.

In turn, the journalist and writer Dr. Abdullah Faraj Al-Marzouqi affirms that the experiences of the two guests in the State of Qatar reflected the extent to which the State of Qatar welcomes everyone, as well as what it reflects of Qatar’s openness to various cultures, and its achievement of coexistence and communication between peoples, pointing to the failure of the fierce media attack launched by some Western media towards the State of Qatar, and undermining its hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and that Qatar’s success in this hosting is the best proof of the failure of this attack.