“Al-Nasa” event, which is held as part of the National Day celebrations in Darb Al-Saai, is witnessing a great turnout by visitors of all ages. We have the opportunity to discover the national talents of young people and hone their skills to be in the official tournaments in the future, and he added: We are keen to follow the visitors during the shooting activities in search of the young talents in this field.

In a related context, Al-Kuwari said that the Al-Saai Trail is still going on, and we are still presenting surprises to the public through events and activities that take place in “Al-Nasa” field. Visitors to Darb Al-Saai Festival are citizens, residents and fans of the World Cup, and Al-Kuwari indicated that Al-Nasa’ event is available to the masses and receives on a daily basis large numbers of archery enthusiasts, pointing to the provision of types of archery such as the bow and arrow and the regular 10-meter rifle for the caravan as well.

In a related context, Al-Kuwari explained that the activity of Al-Nasaa is based on pride in the sport of ancestors in the past due to the importance archery attaches to the nature of their lives at the time, their livelihood and protection for themselves. Outstanding record numbers. Al-Kuwari also explained that the shooting activities that are currently being held in Darb Al-Saai are shooting at electronic targets, so that the target is shot, and the result is recorded on an electronic screen in front of the shooter. As well as shooting with a bow and arrow at a moving target, so that the archers shoot at the target at the same time using arrows of multiple colors. In addition to shooting with different weapons on an electronic screen in the simulation system, and shooting is done through several programs, such as shooting at game, so that the shooting takes place directly on the screen. Al-Kuwari concluded his speech by welcoming everyone to this heritage event, stressing that the schedule of events this year will impress everyone.