Darb Al-Saai market is adorned with many distinctive products created by Qatari fingers that are keen to link the past with the present and draw inspiration from the details of our authentic heritage through unique designs and artistic forms that are popular and admired by the people of Qatar and visitors of all nationalities.

The heritage market in Darb Al Saai includes shops specialized in designing traditional costumes associated with national occasions and holidays, in addition to traditional Sadu products, porcelain products and other distinctive exhibits.

Hamid Al-Qahtani: Developing traditional crafts in a contemporary way

Hamid Al-Qahtani, owner of a company for the manufacture of ceramic products, said that he started as an amateur of the ceramic craft, and then decided to open a commercial project to publish his designs and works, Where he founded his company in 2019, and raises the slogan “Developing traditional crafts in a contemporary way,” stressing that his products carry a creative touch that connects the past and the present.

Regarding the stages of manufacturing ceramic products, he said: The process begins with bringing raw materials from European and American countries, then goes through many stages of manufacturing, as it begins with shaping it into cups, cups, dishes and small utensils, then it is dried and entered into the oven for the first time until it turns into pottery, and then it enters the stage of coloring using Special colors. This stage is called “glazing” in relation to the glass. After that, it enters the kiln for the second time to become distinctive products for use in the process of eating, drinking and decorating.

He added: The coloring workshop in our shop in Darb Al Saai is very popular with children who are keen to color their cups themselves before purchasing them, which is a unique experience that affects their personalities positively.

Umm Hamad Al-Badr: My designs are inspired by the traditional costumes of the Qatari women

Mrs. Umm Hamad Al-Badr, owner of a traditional clothing project, said: I started my project in 2017 and this is the second participation in Darb Al Saai. Since I was young, I have a hobby of detailing and mixing colors, so I decided to specialize in designing traditional clothing, especially costumes associated with Ramadan, Garangao and the National Day.

She added, “I take inspiration from the traditional costumes of Qatari women for my product designs, and I rely on old engravings such as the shape of a small flower and cashew nuts, which are used in the designs of bukhanq, pickpocket clothes and other old clothes. I also make sure to use colors that highlight the heritage in addition to designs that bear an imprint of Qatari society, such as the products are very popular with citizens, residents and visitors.

Umm Hamad Al-Badr thanked the Ministry of Culture and the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations for their sponsorship of productive families and entrepreneurs, stressing that the support is continuous and the imprint is clear through the wonderful organization of activities and events in Darb Al Saai.

Umm Saeed: Al-Sadu products attract the attention of the people of Qatar and visitors

For her part, Mrs. Umm Saeed said that she specializes in the manufacture of Sadu products from sheep-camel yarn and original and traditional wool, in addition to making medals and bags inspired by the Qatari heritage, pointing out that she designs and spins her products completely by hand.

She added by saying that: Al-Sadu products are linked to our authentic heritage and receive great attention from the people of Qatar on various occasions. Its bright colors and diverse designs attract attention and make us remember the traditions and customs of our fathers and grandfathers and pass them on to future generations.

She said that Sadu products are very popular with the people of Qatar, as well as visitors of different nationalities who are keen to acquire them as a souvenir from their trip to Qatar.

Afra Al-Kaabi: Traditional costumes bring joy and happiness to children

Mrs. Afraa Al-Kaabi is a designer of traditional clothes. She is a deaf-mute person with special needs. Her products bear an authentic character associated with Qatari culture and highlight the art of decorating clothes with the supportive colors of the Qatari flag and traditional colors.

Her sister said on her behalf and according to her translation into sign language: Afra specializes in designing children’s clothing that is used in seasons and holidays such as the blessed month of Ramadan and National Day celebrations, and all products are designed by her, and she has participated in many events such as the Made in Qatar exhibition, Darb Al Saai and others.

She added by saying that: My sister has a distinguished artistic taste and embodies her ideas in the form of wonderful designs that are admired and praised by citizens and residents who are keen to acquire such traditional clothes for their children, which bring them joy and pleasure on national occasions.