A number of citizens, residents and visitors expressed their pride in the creativity and continuous effort offered by the State of Qatar to highlight the Qatari and Arab culture and authentic heritage in front of the country’s visitors of various nationalities, stressing that every Qatari, Gulf, Arab and Muslim should feel proud of what the State of Qatar is offering, whether through the impressive organization for the 2022 World Cup, or through the National Day celebrations in Darb Al Saai, which has become a destination for families and visitors to enjoy a variety of events and activities that suit all ages.



Abdullah Hamid Al-Shammari says: Darb Al-Saai honors us in front of Arab and foreign visitors


Abdullah Humaid Al-Shammari said that the new headquarters of Darb Al-Saai this year is distinguished by its spaciousness and ease of access. It also highlights the various activities presented to the public in a more distinctive way. He also pointed out that this clear effort in organizing inside Darb Al-Saai honors us in front of visitors of different nationalities.


He added by saying that: During my visit to the events arena, I saw a great turnout by foreign visitors who enjoy learning about our culture and traditions, and here I would like to extend my thanks to our wise leadership and all the officials who raised our heads in front of the whole world and made us feel proud of this impressive organization, whether in the celebrations of the National Day or world Cup.


Hassan Ahmed: The usual Qatari generosity is evident to everyone in Darb Al Saai


In turn, Hassan Ahmed from brotherly Jordan said that: The first impression I felt when I entered Darb Al Saai Square was very wonderful, as there is an abundance of activities for children, which vary between educational and entertainment, which makes the experience of visiting Darb Al Saai enjoyable and worth repeating day after day.


He added by saying that: The usual Qatari generosity is evident in everything from the friendly reception to welcoming us and giving children free coupons for games, and, in general, we as a family enjoy everything we see here in the celebration square.


He continued by saying that: The activities are suitable for all groups and ages, and, I advise everyone not to miss the opportunity of this unique place, which embodies the fragrant Qatari and Arab heritage in every corner of it, whether design, cultural and heritage activities, or traditional games and crafts, as well as falcons and camels associated with the local environment.


Mona Al-Kandari: Enjoying Darb Al-Saai is complete with watching the World Cup matches


For her part, Mrs. Mona Al-Kandari said that Darb Al-Saai is an ideal place for families, especially children, as there are many activities dedicated to them, and this is a distinguished step, in addition to the professional organization, as everything here is organized and in its proper place.


She added by saying that: We feel proud when we see all this effort made to show Qatar in its best form, and the beautiful thing here is that the path of striving keeps pace with the World Cup championship by introducing our Qatari culture and our authentic identity to visitors of different nationalities. In addition, there are many sports activities offered to the public in addition to broadcasting the World Cup matches which are shown on large screens, and, thus, making the experience of visiting Darb Al Saai complete and enjoyable at the same time.


Mohammad Miqbali: Every Arab and Muslim should be proud of Qatari creativity


Mohammad Ali Miqbali from the sisterly Sultanate of Oman said: This is the first time that I visit Darb Al-Saai, and in fact I pay tribute to this heritage place that reminds us of our beautiful heritage and our Gulf and Arab identity. Through your platform, I thank the State of Qatar for what Qatar offers during the World Cup and the National Day celebrations. Hence, this effort can only be described by saying that Qatar has excelled.


He continued by saying that: Every Gulf, Arab and Muslim should feel proud of this creativity presented by Qatar during this global sports event.