A number of fans of the “World Cup”, which is being held in the State of Qatar, expressed their admiration and joy for the exceptional organization of the world championship. They also expressed their happiness at visiting Darb Al Saai headquarters, and the extent of the Qatari society’s generosity and hospitality.

The fans, who came to support their country’s national teams visited the events and participated in the “Qatari Arda” event, and also participated in “Al-Maqttar” event and rode camels.

They also expressed their hope to return to visit the State of Qatar again, and enjoy its distinguished World Cup stadiums, in addition to its historical monuments, and enjoy its abundant culture and heritage.

In separate meetings, Mr. Augustimus said: This is the first time that I visit an Arab country and witness this many celebrations of the World Cup and the country’s national day together, and he expressed great admiration for the heritage activities, explaining that they give a glimpse into the Qatari culture, customs and traditions, and through which he can get acquainted with the Qatari and Arab society in general. He, further, expressed his happiness at visiting the National Day celebrations in Darb Al Saai, where the largest gathering of the people of the country and he can communicate with them and learn more about their culture.

In a related context, Augustimus referred to the wonderful organization of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, explaining that the celebrations prepared for this tournament all take on the Arab character and this is what distinguishes them, as fans coming from different countries of the world can get to know the Arab civilization.

For his part, Mr. Abe said it was wonderful to watch the National Day celebrations even if we came to support the national team in the World Cup tournament, and added that I was keen to participate in this visit after I saw the wonderful organization of the World Cup tournament and the warm welcome of the Qatari people, so, wherever I was, I would find someone to offer help, and asks if I need any help. Besides, Mr. Abe expressed his admiration for the efficiency of Almaqtar and riding a camel, explaining that it was the first time that he girded camels. Mr. Abe concluded his speech by saying that we lived a new and unique experience in our visit to the National Day celebrations in Darb Al Saai, and he is looking forward to another visit to any site where celebrations of the National Day or the World Cup are held.

In his turn, Mr. Veneto expressed his happiness for obtaining the Arab “Shemagh” and “Headband”, and said that I feel close to this community when I wear it. He added by saying that the visit to Darb Al Saai was special, through which we learned about the country’s culture, customs and traditions of the community, and there are many activities that I liked, such as “Almaqtar” event, where Camel riding and “Al-Fajri” where the sailors sing. Veneto expressed his admiration for the architectural style of Darb Al Saai, indicating that he discovered that this style represents the old architectural style in the State of Qatar.

For his part, Fernando said that since his arrival in Doha five days ago, he is very happy to attend Qatar World Cup 2022, and to enjoy the atmosphere of the World Cup, amidst the large crowd attending the World Cup, which coincides with Qatar’s celebrations of the National Day, which makes it a great opportunity. We have a look at Qatar’s celebrations of its National Day.

He expressed his great pleasure in visiting several different historical and archaeological monuments in Qatar, particularly “Katara” and “Souq Waqif”. He pointed out that he is overwhelmed with great happiness to be among the Qataris with all their hospitality.

As for Cesar, he expressed his great admiration for what he saw in the State of Qatar, since his arrival there on November 20, during his trip to Doha, which will continue until December 5. He said: Since his arrival in Qatar, he has collected memories that will be recorded in his “notebook”. He will also tell his friends about them, especially what he witnessed in Darb Al Saai of activities that reflect the heritage of the people of Qatar.

In turn, Liu points out that his first visit to the State of Qatar left him with great love for the country and the generosity of its people, and described Souq Waqif as a very wonderful place, with all its cafes and restaurants, as well as the handicrafts that reflect the culture of the people of Qatar.

As for Nicholas, he expressed his great admiration for what he saw in Darb Al Saai of activities and heritage pillars, which he saw through his tour of different aspects of Darb Al-Saai. He also expressed his great admiration for Souq Waqif, and what distinguishes it from restaurants that promote the culture of Qatari food, especially the popular one.

Julian indicates his admiration for the culture and folk art he saw in Darb Al Saai, which prompts him to think of returning several times to visit the State of Qatar, in addition to enjoying its rich historical and heritage attractions.

Agustin shares his opinion by emphasizing his strong love for the Qatari culture, and the hospitality enjoyed by Qataris, which he notices everywhere he goes to visit in Qatar, pointing out that his visit to Darb Al Saai, where the activities of the National Day will remain engraved in his memory, as it highlights the lives of Qataris in the past.

He expressed his admiration for what he saw of the food culture in Souq Waqif, and said: This place impressed me with all its heritage, and the nostalgia it represents for Qataris. ,

He emphasized that he was dazzled in front of the World Cup stadiums that he saw, which he had not seen like in the world. He also expressed his happiness at attending the events taking place in the Doha Corniche, and the atmosphere that follows the end of the matches, which makes the Qatar World Cup historical in the full sense of the word.

It is worth noting that Al-Adam Center which is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture organized visits to the fans of the Argentine team, who expressed their appreciation for this initiative, stressing that they will pass on their rich experience and impressions of Qatar and its people to the people in their country. They also expressed their thanks for the organizing committee’s support, gifts that include a souvenir from the Qatari and Arab heritage. Therefore, that will remain as a memory with them, so, that they carry it with them and keep it.