In celebration of the Doha International Book Fair, Dar Al-Sharq announced a new competition for the best unpublished book manuscript in literature (creative writing and literary studies). The competition is in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture’s Qatar Forum for Authors, and it aims to support talented writers.

Jabir Al-Haramy, Vice Executive President of Al-Sharq Publishing and Distribution Group, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Culture for the events that mark the 50th anniversary of the Doha International Book Fair. He described the book fair as a beacon of light, and noted that it was the first of its kind in the Gulf region, as Qatar has always been a cultural leader. He explained that the book fair is a model to be emulated, as it sets an example in terms of organization and the levels of participation. For Al-Haramy, the book fair sends a clear message about Qatar’s commitment to culture, both at the official leadership level and at the executive official level. He thanked the Qatari Forum for Authors for its activities that continuously enrich the cultural scene in Qatar.

Al-Haramy emphasized that Dar Al-Sharq’s mission goes far beyond publishing newspapers. “We consider ourselves an institution dedicated to supporting diverse sectors of society and collaborating with community partners,” he explained. In Al-Haramy’s view, social responsibility requires concerted efforts by all concerned parties, for only through collaborative efforts can high quality initiatives be implemented. He gave examples of Dar Al-Sharq working with various agencies to raise public awareness through publications, conferences, and media campaigns about social issues, such as traffic and water and electricity consumption. These efforts reflect the role media outlets can play in achieving societal objectives.

Al-Haramy concluded his remarks by expressing his hopes that the partnership between Dar Al-Sharq and the Qatari Forum for Authors will be a springboard for more partnerships in the cultural scene. “Our doors are open to all possible forms of cooperation, and we are committed to supporting all collaborative efforts. The new competition aims to support young authors, and at Dar Al-Sharq, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to the development of a new generation of writers,” he said.

Maryam Yassin Al-Hammadi, Director of the Culture and Arts Administration at the Ministry of Culture, thanked Dar Al-Sharq for its efforts to support creative writers. She commented that Dar Al-Sharq has always been committed to social responsibility. “Cultural development in any society requires the support of socially responsible organizations. We thank Dar Al-Sharq for its laudable efforts and for the competition awards,” she added. Al-Hammadi concluded her remarks by emphasizing that Dar Al-Sharq is always looking forward to supporting and promoting the Arab and Islamic identity.