The Strategic Orientations in the Field of Culture

Through its strategy 2018-2022, the Ministry of Culture  seeks to provide a growing and inclusive cultural environment for the energies of the Qatari society with all its components to sharpen its capabilities in a national renaissance project placing the society among the developed and civilized countries, and making the State of Qatar a role model, thereby entrenching its cultural role regionally and internationally and building on the conscience of its indigenous people and based on humanitarian value system.

The Ministry of Culture aims to establish a cultural system based on orientations, which altogether constitute life perspectives that lead the society to establish a civilized pattern reflected in the interactions of its members in various aspects of life. It includes: The perception of Man, the Perception of Time, the Perception of Science, the Perception of Life, the Perception of Nature, and the Perception of the other.

The Ministry’s strategy has defined its orientation in the cultural field towards enhancing the role of culture as a framework for preserving identity and enhancing citizenship and cultural communication by working to activate the role of the cultural scene through sponsoring and supporting cultural production aimed at enhancing the elements of national identity through the development of attractive cultural events that raise the level of community participation on the cultural level and work on discovering and nurturing cultural talents, increasing the cultural production that enhances national identity, organizing events that contribute to increasing cultural communication with the resident communities, as well as enhancing the cultural status of the State of Qatar regionally and internationally, in addition to working on protecting the heritage and promoting a greater cognitive outcome of society.

In support of the society in its interaction with the current cultural changes, the Ministry is working to establish a value system that enhances the elements of national identity among all the categories of the society which would be an incentive for giving for the sake of the country in light of the challenges posed by the current circumstances, its foundations are the benign moral heritage and constitutes an orientation for a civilized life platform.