Dr. Haya Al-Moadadi, Vice President of the Nomas Center of the Ministry of Culture, spoke about the Center’s specializations and its most important objectives and achievements, explaining that it is a cultural and educational training center that promotes the national identity and culture of Qatar. She also explained, during hosting her by the radio program “Culture Street ” presented by Habayeb FM Radio in cooperation with the Department of Culture and Arts and the Qatari Forum for Authors, that the Center targets children aged 8 to 14 years and trains them and gives them a range of life skills. Dr. Haya, moreover, pointed out that the word “Nomas” is a term used metaphorically for every work that is heroic and perfectly accomplished; and is always linked to the feeling of pride and achievement. Dr. Haya, furthermore, spoke about her experience in the cultural field, where in 2014 she was assigned to work in the Ministry’s “meeting arena”; a place dedicated to meeting and introducing youth initiatives and proposing cultural and youth projects, and in 2016 she was assigned to work at Nomas. Dr. Haya believes that the Center is similar to a specialized academy since things are based on an academic path and curricula where each program has a curriculum of its own; while there are foundation programs as well as graduation programs. In the early stages, the curriculum is inclusive of both sexes. There is a program dedicated to girls and another dedicated to boys. The program for boys focuses on the ethics related to the Majlis gatherings and Aradah (folklore sword-dance) and its rules and poems. Young boys also learn a set of values, ethics and social customs as well as those principles related to the protection of the environment, be it land or sea environments. Finally, the cultural advisor stressed in the same context that education must be well rooted and instilled in children from early age, and Nomas Center counts on the new generation to be more aware of environmental issues and human values.