The Ministry of culture, represented by its centers “music Affairs, theater Affairs, Nomas”, organizes events to accompany the Arab Cup tournament currently held in Qatar, where the three centers organize educational, entertainment and heritage events to entertain the masses and visitors and introduce them to the heritage, customs and traditions of the people of Qatar، in the context of the ministry` s role to support its cultural and specialized centres.

Ms. Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, Director of the Culture and Arts Department, said that the ministry participates in a variety of events commensurate with the nature of the event by integrating various cultural events to introduce the Qatari and Arab heritage and touch the experience of the diverse Arab presence through the language of nations “music” through the participation of the Music Affairs Center. As well as with the participation of the Center for Theater Affairs, to add the spirit of participation through Arab culture, and through Gulf participation, with the aim of ensuring the presence of culture in people’s daily lives and during their events and occasions, as it is an expression of them and their privacy and diversity, as culture is the language of peoples and bridges of understanding.

Writer Abdul Rahim Siddiqi, director general of the Center for theater Affairs, said that the Ministry, represented by the Center for theater Affairs, hosts the Kuwaiti sitcom “The difficult task”, starring artist Abdulaziz Al-Muslim, artist Maram and an elite of Kuwaiti theater stars in mass performances.

He added that the play is attended by Star Ghazi Hussein and star of social media artist Khaled Rabia, in addition to a group of stars, and includes a number of interesting paintings, and a Qatari review team was hired to participate in the work. He pointed out that the play will be held from 9 to 12 December at the drama theater in Katara.

From his part, Khaled Al-Salem, director of the Center for Music Affairs, revealed the presentation of many events, including some songs that are performed on the Corniche in the midst of gatherings, as part of the keenness to spread the national spirit among fans belonging to the various participating Arab countries, in addition to the presence of a number of musicians in the tournament stadiums.

He pointed out the center’s keenness to cover all stadiums during the days of the “Arab World Cup”, where the players are present three hours before the start of the matches and with the audience’s entry, as well as after completion during departure, as well as publishing the musical pieces presented by the Music Affairs at the various rail stations, and said that the plays Evokes the patriotic spirit and energizes them by playing various instruments.

He stressed that this participation comes within the framework of the center’s keenness to be present in places where the public is large, pointing to the holding of another event entitled “spherical melodies” during the days of 5, 12 and 14 December in the “House of Wisdom” Hall in the Ministry of culture building and it comes in interaction and synchronization with the state’s celebrations and its hosting of the Cup Arabs.

For his part, Mr. Salah al Mannai, director of Nomas Center, said that the Center organizes a series of events accompanying the Arab Cup tournament, with the aim of highlighting the heritage, customs and traditions of the people of Qatar, explaining that there are large numbers of visitors to the country to follow the tournament, which is a good opportunity to introduce them to Qatari heritage throughout the days of the tournament, where the center, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, participates in events at Al-Bayt Stadium and 974 Stadium, through the establishment of a “Majlis”, which is an old line of poetry containing all the traditional tools used in poetry lines. There are also camels and horses along with the Qatari Ardah and falconry.