Yesterday, the Ministry of Culture organized the inaugural session of the “Race Your Dreams” training program, organized by the Youth Programs Section of the Country Authors Forum, as part of its efforts to stimulate young writers to take initiative and to participate actively in the cultural arena.

First, Professor Maryam Al-Hamadi, Director of the Forum, began the session, expressing her pleasure at the high turnout of young people, especially girls, who wanted to write their first story. She then gave a presentation on the program which is fostering talent in writing and composing, reviewing the role played by the Forum in the frame of the Ministry of Culture`s efforts to support young people. She noted that the Forum was aimed at caring for authors and upgrading their cultural level.

The writer Saleh Gharib presented an overview of the event, and then raised a number of questions about the details of the program, which would open the way for many points of interest to the participants. In turn, writer Hamad Tamimi, director of youth programs at the Forum, pointed out that the competition was part of a project to foster and support talent through the selection of a series of stories to be published in collaboration with local publishing houses.

He stated that since the competition was announced, the forum had received more than 20 participants, but they did not meet the required conditions, They had therefore been excluded, a group of participants had been nominated for young people between the ages of 16 and 36, and the opportunity to join the training program is still available to eligible people.