The Ministry of Culture represented by the Department of Libraries has launched a new initiative entitled “Reading Space” in Lagoona Mall, in cooperation with the “Qatar Read” initiative of the Qatar Foundation. The various events and activities of the initiative will continue until February 22 next year.

Mr. Jassim Al-Buainain, director of library department at the Ministry of Culture, said: “the event is held as part of the effort to strengthen the community of young readers and their families, noting that the initiative will see the organization of many events that drive the community to read and learn, and work to connect the family to the book.

He stressed that the initiative was part of a series of partnerships between the Ministry of Culture and “Qatar Reads”, noting that the idea was to be disseminated in several different places in the coming period, as there will be coordination with a number of entities such as public parks, complexes and various tourist places in order to be in the midst of the most popular places, pointing out that there are many surprises that will be waiting for children and their families if they want to be in this cultural and intellectual forum، There is also a great diversity in terms of books available in the reading space, targeting all segments of society, in order to benefit all family members who accompany the children when visiting.

Al Buainain stressed that the activities held within the framework of this event are also diverse, and that the Department of Libraries and the Qatar Read Initiative have moved together towards this step within the framework of their common desire to be among people in their gathering places, so that they make the book a companion to children and their families, because reading is an integral part of knowledge, education, exploration, creative thinking and unleashing human potential.

In its cooperation with the Library Department of the Ministry of Culture, Qatar Reads aims to promote the love of reading nationwide in a comprehensive, attractive and appropriate manner. Its aim is to make people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds aware of the importance of reading.