The Ministry of Culture has launched events to enhance the expression of the cultural diversity of the communities, and the events include a day for each community, in which the arts of music, singing, performance, food culture, and its costume culture are presented until next December 15.

The event, which is held in Beit Al-Sulaiti, was launched with the Lebanese community, who presented a rich and varied program to highlight the Lebanese cuisine and traditional costume, in addition to folklore, whether from Dabke dances or popular songs that the audience who participated in the event interacted with.

Samir Abu Karam, coordinator of the Lebanese community activity, confirmed that the event contributed to creating an atmosphere of joy among the Lebanese community and Arabs of other nationalities who attended the event.

He added: Based on the invitation of the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022, the Lebanese community participated in the cultural events of the communities, where it learned about the contribution of Watar Music and Arts Center and the Arab Heritage Ensemble, in addition to the creator/Tamer Aqil and his band Soukour Al Bekaa. Mrs. Nagwa Anan presented the traditional Lebanese fashion. The Lebanese mouneh was presented by Mrs. Asmahan, in addition to Beit Al Jabal mouneh, with the voluntary participation of a number of members of the Lebanese community in Qatar.

In her turn, Dr. Mariam Yassin Al Hammadi, Director of the Department of Culture and Arts at the Ministry of Culture, confirmed that the event to promote the expression of forms of cultural diversity for communities aims to provide an opportunity for communities to participate in the expression of cultural diversity and participation by presenting their performances, traditional and popular events, and their arts, and an opportunity to gather in an ancient traditional house such as Beit Al-Sulaiti.

She said: The Ministry of Culture is keen to highlight the identity and privacy of Qatari society, and we appreciate the privacy of these communities and their expression through arts and cultural production, and we appreciate their distinctive desire to be present on the sidelines of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Writer Jamal Fayez, head of the Media Committee for the Program for Promoting the Expression of Cultural Diversity for Communities, considered that the events are not new and fall within an agreement signed by Qatar in 2009 and actually launched in the State in 2012 with Japan, then followed by a group of countries leading to the United States of America 2021.

He added: This year, due to the cultural momentum the State knows and the presence of different communities on its soil, we will host more than 27 Arab, European, Asian, African and American countries to ensure diversity in cultures and enable communities of culture exchange as well as learning about the cultures of the other. The events of the Sudanese community are scheduled to be launched.