The Ministry of Culture represented at the Qatari Publishers and Distributors’ Forum organized a symposium entitled “Qatar Publishing and Distribution Sector: The Sustainability Challenge “, as part of Qatar Sustainability Week, discussed the meeting held at the Beit Al-Hikma Auditorium at the Ministry’s headquarters the role of the private sector in responding to the sustainability challenges of the dissemination and distribution sector, How to use the Qatar Soft Force to support it. The symposium featured a number of important working papers on the same subject. While Riad Ahmed Saleh, Director of the Forum, gave an opening speech, Dr. Susan Abdulaziz Al-Benzerti, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education and Arts at Lucille University, spoke on the private sector mechanism for sustainable development. Dr. Bozidi spoke to Glad Associate Professor at Lucille University about strategies for sustaining activities in the private sector under new challenges and Abdulkadir bin Khalid, a journalist and digital media expert, introduced the e-book’s theme and its contribution to sustainability: publishing, profitability and sustainability.

On the same day, the Ministry of Culture organized a lecture entitled “Sustainable Employee Behavior”, which was also held at the events of Qatar Sustainability Week, presented by Ayesha Maadid, the “Green Future” initiative, during which it reviewed the basic steps that an employee can take to be environmentally friendly, discussing conservation methods and the importance of promoting sustainable behavior. The Ministry also organized the first seminar on “The Reality of the Novel between Qatar and Tunisia” in the events of the Qatar Authors’ Forum. The factors that encourage young people to write and the role of the novel in promoting national heritage and amateurism, and the role of social media in writing the novel instead of the traditional way, were discussed. After tomorrow Sunday, the Ministry of Culture will organize a symposium entitled “International Intercultural Decade”, at 6 p.m., at the House of Wisdom Auditorium at the Ministry’s headquarters.

In the same vein, the Ministry of Culture is currently studying a number of events for presentation during the forthcoming period. One of the most prominent anticipated events is participation in the soon-to-be-launched art exhibition “Production”, organized by Doha Film Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Msheireb Properties, Qatar Museums and Qatar Media Foundation. This is in addition to the various activities offered by the Ministry’s multiple centers located in various locations. In this context, the Qatar Photography Centre of the Ministry of Culture today organizes the workshop “Creative Lighting” at Building 18 in Katara and tomorrow Saturday, the workshop “Video Photography for Photographers” in the same building. While one of the most popular and successful events of the past period, the “Falcon” course was organized by the Ministry’s Nomas Center over 4 days, during which participants were introduced to the parts, labels and care tools of the bird.