The Ministry of Culture and Sports celebrated the International Youth Day, which comes on the 12th of August of each year with a special session with the participation of Dr. Hatami Al- Hatami, Professor of Economics and Management, University of Qatar, and novelist, Professor Isa Abdullah, organized by the Qatari Forum of Authors. During which, they talked about the contributions of youth to serve society, especially in light of the current stage that is witnessing the holding of the first elections for the Shura Council in Qatar.


The session, moderated by the interviewer Hessa Al-Suwaidi, was titled “Through Thought We Thrive… National Youth Models in the Fields of Academic and Literary Creativity”, the importance of supporting young people, exploring their talents and supporting them so that they can reach the stage of self-realization.


In the beginning, Dr, Hatemi Al- Hatemi stressed the importance and the need of young people tl lead and be role models and for the concerned authorities to support young people to achieve their ambitions, each in his field, by removing obstacles that stand in their way.


He pointed out that young people, especially in their prime, have a lot of ambition to achieve themselves and contribute to the construction of the future. Regarding the negative repercussions of the Corona virus on reality, Dr. Al- Hatemi stressed that the pandemic has introduced technology into everything, and that remote education and work has become a reality for everyone.


For his part, the novelist Issa Abdullah, the author of the first Qatari novel in historical fantasy and the recipient of the Outstanding Youth Award at Qatar University in 2017, he said: The country’s cultural landscape has been very popular in the last 10 years and has evolved considerably, especially since social media has created a great awareness among young people and shown them the capacity to deal with globalization. He said: I have frankly benefited a lot from this positive atmosphere, especially that publishing houses have contributed to discovering great literary talents.


The meeting saw an intervention by His Excellency Mr. Hassan Mubarak Boubacar, Ambassador of Niger in Doha, on how to achieve communication between Qatari youth and their counterparts in Africa and how to get the Qatari novel to the brunette continent.