Yesterday, Sunday, in the Hall of the House of Wisdom, the Ministry of Culture organized a symposium entitled (National identity and improvement of cultural production in the State of Qatar), moderated by Ms. Maryam Yassin Al-Hammadi, Director of Culture and Arts of the Ministry. Department, in which: Saad Burshid, Faisal Al-Tamimi, Abdul Hamid Al-Yousef and Lina Al-Aali participated. The symposium focused on various artistic and cultural fields to highlight their ability to absorb elements of national identity and the importance of the latter in improving cultural production in the country.

Playwright and media personality Saad Burshid said: The symposium shed light on cultural production in poetry, art, music and theatre, and the works included in these arts that enhance national identity and the extent of their influence on the other.

Burshid added: “National identity includes a set of traits and characteristics that distinguish Qatari society and make it a cohesive and strong bloc capable of overcoming challenges and achieving achievements. Furthermore, all branches and fields of art work to encourage members of society to strengthen national identity”. identity that distinguishes Qatari society and is derived from Islamic culture and authentic Arab customs and traditions, in addition to its national identity.

For her part, Lina Al-Aali, a writer specialized in children’s literature and visual artist, explained that her participation in the symposium included many topics related to children’s literature and national identity. Lina said: There are many mechanisms through which national identity can be strengthened in children’s literature, including the use of national language and vocabulary in stories and anecdotes that help children learn about their culture and history, and by addressing national themes in stories and anecdotes, which helps children understand the values of citizenship and patriotism, in addition to using national characters in stories and anecdotes, it helps children to imitate them, strengthen national values in them and encourage children to participate in national activities: Encouraging children to participate in national activities helps them understand the values of citizenship. and patriotism in a practical way.

Lina Al-Aali suggested some recommendations to strengthen national identity in children’s literature and said: Educational and cultural institutions should encourage writers and authors to produce children’s literature that strengthens national identity, organizing training courses for writers and authors on how to strengthen national identity in children’s literature, as well as review children’s literature curricula to include topics that strengthen national identity, in addition to providing material and moral support to writers and authors who write children’s literature that strengthens national identity.

It is worth noting that this symposium is part of the Ministry’s effort to strengthen the role of culture as a framework to preserve identity and improve citizenship and cultural communication, working to sponsor and support cultural production that aims to strengthen the components of national identity. through the development of attractive cultural activities that raise the level of community participation. Culturally, working to discover and nurture cultural talent and increase cultural production that enhances national identity.