Today, Al-Jasra Cultural and Social Club hosts Mr. Khaled Abu Moza in a lecture under the title “Inspire People rather than  Scare them” in a live broadcast, at seven evening.m. via the club’s Instagram, as part of the club’s summer activities. During the session, the lecturer will address the five elements that cover the various aspects of human life, as he will talk about faith and its relationship with the scientific and cultural side. He will also touch on each of the social, economic and educational aspects, indicating the role of Islam in facilitating matters by addressing all these aspects. In this context, the Center is interested in clarifying many ideas and discussing what could represent a useful investment of time during holidays. Khaled Abu Moza is a human development trainer, religious and educational lecturer, and Friday sermon giver “Khateeb”, and he has previously presented many television and radio programs locally in various audio-visual media.