The Qatar Social and Cultural Center for the Blind organized a meeting under the title “Biography and Journey,” during which it hosted Dr. Buthaina Hassan Al-Ansari, an expert in strategic planning and human development.


The meeting, which was broadcast on the Zoom program, was moderated by Iman Al Kaabi, during which light was shed on Dr. Buthaina Al-Ansari, her life path, the successes she achieved, the difficulties she faced during this journey, and how she was able to overcome them and her ignorance are catalysts for progress and development. The lecturer is considered one of the pioneers in the field of business, strategic planning and book writing, and was ranked among the 500 most powerful women in the Arab world.


Through her speech, she spoke about the importance of the environment of the individual since his inception and its impact in determining the course of his life, developing his thinking and refining his skills, she points out that she was brought up in a house filled with love, culture and free debate.


Ansari stated that she had a great passion and obsession from a young age for learning and entrepreneurship, and called on parents to take care of their children, raise them properly and give them the right to freedom of choice, which would have a positive impact on their life decisions thereafter.