The Qatar Cultural Center for the Blind organized an educational meeting about the (Mawarid) application, during which light was shed on the mechanisms for dealing with it and the ease of accessing its content and functions through assistive technology tools.

The meeting coincides with the world’s celebration of Universal Access to Information Day, which falls at the end of September every year. This year’s celebration focuses on easy access to electronic services over the Internet in a comprehensive manner that serves everyone with different abilities.

During the meeting, in which the center’s member/ Mohammad Shafi’ Al-Fahida, lectured, the importance of the application was explained to the center’s employees of both genders, and he confirmed that the application allows for several things to be done, including conducting transactions more accurately and quickly. It also provides main services to employees who use this application, including requesting permission, requesting annual leave, requesting return from leave, requesting casual leave, correcting the timing of attendance and departure, booking training courses, and other services.

The application was also reviewed in a practical way, explaining how to optimally use the services provided therein, and were discussed the most important obstacles that visually impaired users of the application may face, in order to work on avoiding and developing them.

It is worth noting that the Mawarid application is one of the most important programs in the country, as it ensures the integration of human and financial resource planning systems within all government agencies with the aim of increasing efficiency and transparency, through which government employees are able to process transactions more efficiently, it also benefits decision makers to support decision-making and make the most of them.