The 12th Conference of Ministers of Culture in the Islamic World approved the city of Lusail to become the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World in 2030, as a culmination of Qatar’s successes in hosting the activities of Doha as the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021, under the slogan (Our Culture is Light), which witnessed the organization of more than 238 Islamic cultural events and activities, all of which reflected the promotion of Islamic culture and care for Islamic heritage.

These events reflected a diverse cultural movement, despite the exceptional health conditions that the world experienced during the “Corona” pandemic, which emphasized the importance of the pivotal role of culture, and its close connection to economic advancement and development, which in turn reflects that countries are rising and thriving culturally thanks to their culture.

The conference, which is currently hosted by Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Culture, approved the city of Lusail as an affirmation of the state’s efforts to enhance its culture derived from eternal Islamic values. In addition to its great efforts to preserve the Islamic cultural heritage and encourage creativity and innovation as cultural values that enrich Islamic civilization, which supports sustainable development, which the State of Qatar always seeks to promote.

This coronation came within the program of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) for the capitals of culture in the Islamic world, and at the same time reflects the depth of Qatari culture, in a way that enhances national identity, without neglecting openness to other cultures, based on well-established, long-rooted cultural values.