The Qatari Forum of Authors held a new session of the “Critics and their approaches ” initiative, presented by Dr. Abdul Haq Belabed, Professor of Literature Issues and Methods of Critical and Comparative Studies at the University of Qatar, as part of the Doha events, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World.


The new episode was hosted by the critic Professor Dr. Fadel Abd Tamimi, Professor of Rhetoric and Literary Criticism at the University of Diyala, Iraq. The meeting was held on the YouTube channel of the forum.


Dr Belabed started his session with emphasizing that this initiative comes within the framework of the forum initiatives which urge for promoting a culture of criticism in society, and a demand for reading in a way different from what many are accustomed to, by hosting a number of the finest Arab thinkers and intellectuals.


Dr. Tamimi began by expressing his pleasure at participating in this initiative, thanking the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the opportunity to talk about critical approaches to this initiative, which he described as a significant and visible milestone in the Arab cultural landscape On the criteria and concepts of his critical project, he affirmed that his critical steps were formed through his apprenticeship at the hands of distinguished senior professors in the field of Arabic criticism.