A number of writers called for the importance of establishing an academy for the preparation and development of creative writers. The call came during the new episode presented by the Qatari Forum for Authors on its digital platforms as part of at its roundtable session for authors, and was moderated by writer Jamal Fayez. The session discussed the writing industry and the preparation of creative writers. Writer Jamal Fayez started the discussion pointing out that there should be an academy dedicated for this purpose. He affirmed that such initiative is a reality that is in place at the international level. Such academy can be similar to many sports schools or clubs which qualify sports players. Writer Fayez also asked the audience several questions about the potential success of this idea, and does it need legislation to come to life or is it a waste of effort because the writer’s creativity stems from the talent and suffering he/she experiences? For his part, writer Saleh Ghraib, programs manager at the Forum, said that this initiative exists in some countries and cities like Cairo for instance, but he stressed that such academies cannot graduate creative writers with the professional status aspired to; as is the case with football players, especially since creative thought is different from sports. A number of attendees, however, found the idea excellent and could contribute to the development of talents among interested people, which, as a consequence, can enable them engage in the world of creative writing.