Al-Aziziya Youth Centre’s management has completed preparations of a diverse program for summer activities for boys and girls under the slogan “Challenge, Leadership”. In line with precautionary measures taken by state authorities to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus, these summer activities will be conducted remotely. They include workshops, courses and various competitions to develop the skills and abilities of participants and allow them to make good use of their spare time during the summer vacation. Among the programs to be launched for boys are the
“Editing Basics Workshop”, “Story and Question Competition”, “Body Language Workshop”, “Sound Focus and Radio Presentation Principles Course”, “Mental Accounting Course”, “Beginners Robot Programming Course”, “Youth Leader Workshop”, “Healthy Nutrition and Body Workshop”, “First Aid Course” and “Discover Your Strengths for Success”.
The programs to be presented to girls’ section are the “Silk Painting Course”, “Discover and Win Competition with Maryam”, “Planting with Coloured Sand”, “Digital Shopping Basics Course”, “Dayrm (tree bark used as cosmetics) and Kohl course”, “Cooking Course”, and “Oud and Incense workshop.”
Furthermore, girls at the Aziziya Youth Centre will be able to attend the “Al-Shagridiya” (Jack -of-All-Trades) program in cooperation with the Nomas Centre. This includes a range of workshops addressing topics such as “sitting etiquette”, “preparation of Al-Fawala (simple food dishes to welcome guests)”, “My District from all directions”, “house management” and “Folkloric heritage.”