Events of the summer activities in the youth centers started online yesterday through means of visual communication in compliance with precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Corona Virus (Covid-19).

A number of directors of the youth centers in their statements to Al-Raya confirmed the interest and keenness of centers to diversify activities to suit interests of male and female youth and meet their aspirations as programs were developed and new ones were developed to cope with changes by organizing lectures and courses including the art of photography, Islamic decoration, electronic bullying and mastering “Photoshop”, professional mobile video shooting, art of audio skills in addition to workshops for music lovers.


Sumaisma Youth Center

Mr. Sultan Al-Kuwari, Director of Sumaisma youth center, revealed the launch and start of the summer activity at the center amid variety of educational, religions and cultural activities which include a rich program for all sections of the center.

He said, “All activities will be online using means of visual communication in implementation of the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Corona Virus “Covid-19″ and there is coordination with the Ministry of Health to demonstrate the extent of availability of attendance of visitors of the center or not”.

He added, “For the first time, a program for music lovers will be launched in cooperation with the Music Affairs Center at the Ministry of Culture and Sports in order to introduce the role of music in society in addition to launching a series of workshops to enhance the Qatari Identity and preserve and consolidate the cultural and value heritage in the hearts of the students which enhances their social upbringing in a balanced way that link authenticity and modernity, so that the State of Qatar preserves its values keeping balance between coping with progress while adhering to the original and authentic traditions.


The scientific Club

Engineer Saleh Al-Abdullah, Supervisor of the Digital Fabrication Lab at the Scientific Club, supervising the summer camp entitled “Virtual Science Challenge 2021”, revealed the diversity of the camp’s programs into several scientific workshops including the youth category who will be able to carry out a project of the meteorological station that relies on modern technologies in meteorological monitoring and that helps the participant obtain all pieces for training and use at home to read and know weather conditions in addition to training on the installation and use of unmanned aerial vehicles “Drones” to learn about the technology used in this type of aircraft and how to employ technology in space.


Al Dana Youth Center

Mrs. Walaa Yusuf, Director Al Dana Girls Center, confirmed the start of a variety of activities and events that enhance talents of the affiliated girls. The events include many programs and activities according to age groups as they are cultural, social and sports events that target girls from 12 years old and above.

She said, “Among the activities offered is Al-Dana Female Entrepreneurs project that includes a workshop entitled “How do you create your source of income” and a workshop entitled “Project ideas” in addition to Podcast project “The second stage”. Also, activities include a workshop on the art of vocal skills in addition to program entitled “My Fitness is the Secret of My Health” in cooperation with 2022 initiative”.


She added, “Among activities of the summer program are a set of sports activities, physical exercises and weekly sessions and a meeting entitled “A Day in the Life of a Basketball Player” will be held in cooperation with the Qatar Basketball Association. Also, a workshop entitled “The Role of Woman in Islamic World” will be offered in addition to a program entitled “Falak Tayeb” (Hyh byh) and other events that will be organized on the occasion of Eid Al- Adha”.


Doha Youth Center

Mr. Salah Al- Saadi, Executive Director of Doha Youth Center, said that the center has launched summer activities and programs through video communication platforms noting that the activities are various and rich in their cultural, scientific and educational content as Doha Youth Center has been accustomed since its establishment to provide all programs and events that are popular among youth and that enhance their talents and develop their capabilities while ensuring the promotion of the cultural heritage and national identity.


He indicated that the center offers a set of programs starting with the program entitled “How Successful People Think” presented by the certified trainer Mr.  Hussein Habib followed by the workshop entitled “The Technical Rules of the Professional Photo” and then the workshop entitled “Expecting Change and Adapting to Stresses” presented by Dr. Mohammad Al-Enezi and the workshop entitled “Creativity and Thinking Outside the Box” presented by Engineer Nasser Al-Mughaisib. Also, the art workshop in the art of Islamic decoration will be held as part of the activities of Doha, capital of the Islamic Culture, in addition to the workshop entitled “Self-Discovery and Development” presented by Dr. Mohammad Al-Harami.

Regarding the technological aspect, there is a workshop entitled “Dealing with Cyberbullying” presented by the consultant and the digital marketing coach Mr. Ammar Mohammad to introduce participants to Cyberbullying, its motives and causes and how to avoid it. Also, the center will organize two workshops in arts of photography and montage as they are the workshop entitled “Professional Photoshop” and the workshop entitled “Professional Mobile Video Shooting”.