The Qatari Forum for Authors, in cooperation with the Student Affairs Department at Qatar University, will hold, next Thursday, the first of June, the closing ceremony of the University Speaker Event in its first edition (Sahban bin Wael Session), which lasted for more than two months, and targeted university students in the State of Qatar as well as male and female graduates to introduce their academic specializations and accurate scientific departments through elocution, the arts of presentation speeches, as well as divination sessions and meetings, with the aim of refining elocution and influencing skills.

The ceremony will be moderated by two speakers from qualified speakers from Qatar University. The program of the ceremony, which will be held in the amphitheater of the Research Center, will include the presentation of a video clip that includes excerpts from the training sessions and the qualifiers, followed by a speech by Professor Abdullah Hamid Al Mulla, the Director of Student Activities Department at Qatar University, then, a speech by Dr. Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari, the Director-General of the Qatari Forum for Authors, and a speech by the linguistic expert Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabi, one of the supervisors of the initiative, after which Rahma Saad speaker from Qatar University will present a model for the graduates’ speeches. Meanwhile, Latifa Al-Kuwari speaker from Qatar University will present a model for presentation speeches. Afterwards, a model presentation for the speeches of scientific disciplines by the Speaker will be presented by the speaker Fatima Qassem Al-Sayed Al-Hajj, a student at Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

During the ceremony, the arbitrators and trainers who accompanied the students throughout the training and qualifying period will be honored through their guidance and directives that contributed to the development of their elocution skills. Besides, the winners of the first three places for the four different branches will also be honored. Then, the ceremony will end with honoring the supervisors of the initiative, namely Dr. Mohammad Al-Shabrawi, as well as honoring the Department of Student Activities represented by Mr. Abdullah Hamid Al-Mulla

It is mentioning that the University Speaker is the first initiative at the level of Qatar, the Gulf countries and the region that is concerned with reviving the art of Arabic public speaking and training students and graduates on public speaking by adopting accurate scientific standards, which is an extension of “Mirqat Qatar for Elocution” Initiative launched by the Qatari Forum for Authors last year and extended over a period of ten consecutive months, where a group of speakers came out who in turn contributed to enriching the version of the University Speakers.