A workshop on “Preparing the National Identity, Cultural Enrichment and Sports Excellence Sector Strategy”, organized by the Ministry of Culture, was concluded as part of the third national development strategy for the period (2023-2030).

The workshop, which lasted four days, discussed 4 axes: national identity, culture, media, in addition to the theme of sports and youth, with the participation of 32 active partners in the cultural fields.

Amna Al-Buainain, the Director of the Planning, Quality and Innovation Department at the Ministry of Culture, said that: An agreement has been reached on a set of results, performance indicators and initiatives through which positive change is aspired in the future.

The workshop concluded with reaching a set of targeted outputs and consensuses regarding the strategic direction related to national identity, media and culture, in addition to coming up with a set of results, goals and performance indicators that help measure change in the future.