The fourth Barzan Heritage Festival, organized by the Barzan Youth Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, concluded on Friday. This year, the festival witnessed a large public turnout and wide participation by government and private bodies and 120 halal breeders from Qatar and Kuwait participated in the festival.

The festival aims at introducing Qatari heritage and encouraging young people to participate in such festivals that link the present with the past, customs and traditions.

Mr. Nasser Mohammed Al Kaabi, Director of Barzan Youth Center, said in a press statement that the festival was part of the center’s strategy and plan to diversify activities and events, he pointed out that the festival is a conclusion of the activities of the Center during the year 2019

Al-Kaabi explained that the center prepared early to organize the festival by selecting specialized committees, which made a great effort throughout the past days to put the final touches before the start date, he also noted that that there are more than 12 bodies participated in the festival, including governmental and semi-governmental and private bodies.

Al-Kaabi said that the festival witnessed a high turnout especially from neighboring areas, Qatari families and residents due to the diversity of activities and events that suit different age groups.

About the activities of the event, Al Kaabi added: “There are many cultural and heritage events that have achieved its objectives in introducing the Qatari heritage. The festival also included a performance of the tools used in diving and “Mazayin ” competitions, which prizes were around 200 thousand riyals, consisted of “cars, cash prizes, honoring certificates in addition to allocating 30 sections for displaying traditional clothing, folk food and antiques, an exhibition of Qatari environmental animals, a meteorological section, a Qatari House Museum, a maritime heritage pavilion, the Qatari sniper association, horse riding, and children’s toys. The festival is an opportunity to introduce the Qatari heritage and folklore embodied by festival across all of its activities, events and various spots that mimic the Qatari environment, and at the same time provides a distinctive family atmosphere.

For his part, Mubarak Al-Kaabi, head of the “Mazayin” event, said that “Halal Competitions” took place last Friday at the end of the festival with a strong participation of halal breeders from Qatar and Kuwait the race included “winner of the most beautiful Gulf goat, and the most beautiful male Gulf goat, the most beautiful female Gulf sheep, and the most beautiful 3 local goats. The winners were selected according to specific aesthetic criteria to be measured by specialized arbitration committees.