The Qatari Forum for Authors, within the framework of the event of Doha, the capital of culture in the Islamic world, presented the session number “20” of” Mirqat Qatar for speech” sessions, the designated initiative which witnesses a strong competition among the preachers and all its participants.

The session was started by Dr. Ahmed Al-Janabbi, a linguistic expert and one of the initiative’s supervisors, speaking about the initiative, its importance and valuable objectives. He also spoke about its future and the upcoming stages of the life of these fruitful sessions. In today’s episode from the stage of preparation, introduction and training to the stage of competition. At the beginning of the episode, Professor Mohamed El Shabrawi announced the next competitive stages up to the final stage, stressing that the next phase would be marked by a new method of competition between preachers.

This will give more and more space to the competitors in this purposeful initiative. And in the weekly speech of Al- Mirqat, Sheikh Shaker Al-Shahwani said: O` preacher, pay attention to the audience you are speaking to, does he understand this language? is this subject important to him? Does he realize the meaning you want to convey to him? The same subject in which you speak to children can be addressed in different terms and in a different way to adults, as well as different methods and manners if you direct the subject to young people at the university level, persons in a particular profession or traders, for example.