General election sessions to elect a president and deputy of the sports clubs are held every four years. They coincide with the end of the councils’ parliamentary periods preceding them. There are also extraordinary general assemblies in which clubs are forced to hold early elections or at times different from their normal times. The level of enthusiasm and excitement in the BOD members elections in clubs vary during these electoral seasons.
While BOD members of several clubs continue to hold their positions for more years as their term still continues, other clubs are preparing in the next few days to convene their general assemblies to select their BODs from the candidate lists since the GM this year coincides with the end of the term of the current councils which were formed four years ago.
During the past few weeks, clubs’’ hallways have been witnessing unusual activity as the election for presidency commences and candidates firmly seek to register their attendance in clubs BODs during the next election session 2020 /2024 through the BODs portal to win the position of president or vice president.
The “Losail” Newspaper tracks the most prominent characteristics of general assemblies of Qatari clubs and highlights the most significant differences according to the date of these events in clubs.
Electoral competition
Several clubs Electoral GMs are expected to meet in the coming weeks. A strong and interesting electoral contest is in the horizon due to the standing of more than one list of elections to form administrative councils. Other clubs, on the other hand, will content themselves with recommending the only lists nominated in their elections.
GMs which include more than one list of candidates for the club’s BOD are surrounded with much ambiguity and excitement. The attention of their members, whether those who have the right to vote or others, are strongly focused on identifying the winner of this election.
Intense and exciting electoral competition is a healthy phenomenon within clubs. It is a unfailing demonstration of the presence of members in determining the fate of their club. Members participate in the election of those they deem fit to lead the team during a four-year parliamentary period. This further perpetuates the democratic and pluralistic atmosphere within the walls of these clubs.

In spite of the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and its role in the disruption of sports activity, yet arrangements are still in place for convening all GMs on time according to an approved schedule.
Several clubs have announced the dates of their general assemblies. Lists of those wishing to stand for elections are being received and elections dates are being set by some clubs, while others are expected to announce the date in the coming period.
Al-Arabi’s BOD: Two lists competing
Al-Arabi Club is ranked as the most popular club in the Country. It remains faithful to its democratic and electoral habits and thus two lists are standing for the Club BOD’s gipping-as-usual elections.
Early even before the announcement of the GM’s date, competition is flaring within the Al-Arabi Club for the position of president and vice president. Abdul-Aziz Al-Sulaiti, former star of the team, has announced his intention to stand for elections for president with Fahd Abdullah Al-Mal as deputy against the list of H.E. Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani, which includes Abdullah Jumaa Al-Hitmi as deputy.
Several experts agree that Al-Arabi BOD’s elections are usually heated and characterized with a democratic atmosphere since the Club’s inception due to the its great popular reach and broad public base.
Electoral promises vary among the candidates. Sh. Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani, the current president of the Al-Arabi club sought to stand for elections with Abdullah Juma Al-Hitmi, one of Al-Ahli’s legends as vice president, while the second list include Al-Annabi and former Al-Arabi’s star Abdul Aziz Al-Sulaiti for president with Fahad bin Abdullah al-Mal in a young blood list that is met with acceptance and support from most of the Club’s members.
Promises given by both candidates range from maintaining achievements in the rest of the games and focusing more on football to raise the clubs rank to that of other competing clubs. Economic files, however, will play a major role in gathering support for either list.
GM Calendar
Clubs’ General Assemblies start with Al-Markhiya’s on July 16th.  This is followed by Al-Wakra’s on July 18, in which H.E. Sh. Khalifa bin Hassan Al Thani stands as the most prominent candidate to continue as president of the club unless the next few days reveal any other unexpected developments. Moreover, Al-Khor Sports Club’s GM will be held on July 20th.
Furthermore, Muaither’s GM will be held on July 27th, while Al-Kharaitiyat’s will be on August 11th.. Al-Shahaniya SC’s GM is on August 13, Al-Rayyan’s is on August 24, while Al-Sadd’s is on August 30. Meanwhile, many other clubs have not announced the date of their GMs .
Qatar Club’s GM: Heated Competition between two lists
The electoral arena within the Qatar Club has welcomed the return of H.E. Sh. Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani upon his nomination to stand for the upcoming elections. The Club’s fans considered that this return is a positive sign since H.E. embodies a moral value to the club that is considered as of great symbolism due to the great achievements accomplished by the team during his tenure as president.
Two lists stand for the Club’s elections. The first includes the current president of the club, H.E. Sh. Jassim bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani, along with Ali Al-Mannai as his deputy. The second includes former president of the club, H.E. Sh. Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani in addition to H.E. Sh. Suhaim bin Abdul-Aziz Al Thani as his deputy.
Similarly, Al-Ahli Club is witnessing fierce competition, particularly since H.E. Sh. Ahmed bin Hamad Al Thani, current president of the club, has not submitted his nomination papers and the elections will therefore be open to the two lists submitted so far.
The nomination for Al-Ahli club elections was closed last Thursday. Meetings are scheduled for July 25th, at the Club’s AGM. The 12-year-president of Al-Ahli Club, H.E. Sh. Ahmed bin Hamad Al Thani, does not intend to run in the upcoming elections.

Al-Khor elections: Exciting developments
Since the commence of the nomination process, the electoral race at Al-Khor Club is going through dramatic developments pertaining to lists seeking the position of the Club’s BOD chairman during the next parliamentary period 2020-2024. Nomination of Mohammed Mubarak Al-Muhannadi has been recently rejected for not meeting the requirements of paying membership fees at a time when it was trying to receive acclamation after staying as the only list in the elections.
The Club’s GM was forced to reopen the nomination to receive applications, while Mohammed Mubarak Al-Muhannadi’s intends to appeal the rejection decision.
Al-Ahli Club Elections
Two lists were nominated for the elections. The first includes Abdullah Yusuf Al-Mulla (president) and Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mustafwi (deputy). Furthermore, the second list includes Khaled Abdullah al-Zarra’ (president) and his brother Nasser al-Zarra’ (deputy). In the past few days the electoral race has witnessed the rejection of the second list for not meeting the conditions, which opened the way for Abdullah Al-Mulla’s list to win by acclamation.
Abdullah Al-Mulla pledged in a brief statement to “Losail” that he will exert all his efforts to serve Al-Ahli team in the coming period without excess of press releases. He further stressed that the sports community will soon witness the return of the team to its real position as leader of all Qatari clubs.
The Club’s management under the leadership of the current president has succeeded in renewing the contract of coach Montenegrin Nebucha for an additional season. The club seeks the stability of the team for the Club to continue through the significant upcoming events in the next stage, which will witness a combination between the current and future seasons due to the corona pandemic.
One list in Al-Rayyan, Al-Marakhiya and Al-Sailiya SCs
H.E. Sheikh Ali bin Saud Al Thani is running for the post of president in the next election of Al-Rayyan SC Club’s BOD, which will be included in the GM agenda for the parliamentary period 2020-2024. The identity of the vice president has yet to be uncovered.
Expectations in the club is that His Excellency will continue his mission as president by acclamation for the second parliamentary term in the absence of indications of a second list to be nominated at the electoral date.
Al-Marakhiya and Al-Siliya clubs are going through a similar electoral situation. Ali Al-Mesifrei has presented his candidacy for the position of president in Al-Marakhiya Club with Saleh Al-Kaabi as his deputy. Meanwhile, Mohammed Ali Al-Marri presented his list for the post of president with Abdullah Al-Hanzab as his deputy for Al-Siliya Club. Abdullah Al-Eida has stepped down as president of the Club and Al-Marri is currently the Club’s General Manager. He is a member of the administrative staff of Al-Siliya Club and his list will win in the elections by acclamation in case the GM quorum is complete.
The Election Act provides for the validity of the GM in the event that half of the members are present plus one (50%+1) of those who have paid the club’s membership fees until the end of the current fiscal year.