Three theatrical groups, “Qatar”, “Doha” and “Al-Watan”, currently witness a restless movement in their headquarters, as preparations are underway to participate in the Doha Theater Festival 2022, to be held by the Ministry of Culture through the Theater Affairs Center from 20 to 30 March. This event coincides with the celebration of International Theater Day, and serves as an extension of the University Theater Festival (Our Youth on Stage) in its third edition. The festival marks the Theater Affairs Center’s resumption of its strategy of activating the theatrical movement in the country, after the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic. The festival program includes university theater performances from 20 to 25 March, which will be hosted by Doha University of Science and Technology (former College of the North Atlantic), followed by the celebration of World Theater Day on March 27, at the Drama Theater in Katara Cultural Village. From 28 to 30 March, the performances of community theater groups will be held at Katara Drama Theatre. The Center for Theater Affairs set a number of requirements, chief of which is that the text presented should be of a social nature that suits the taste of a wide segment of the audience and that it should be free of any eccentricity. In its first edition, the festival will honor a number of Qatari artists, as each of the three groups will nominate two Qatari artists affiliated to them.