Rehearsals for the comedy “The Difficult Mission,” hosted by the Ministry of Culture and represented by the Center for Theatre Affairs, began in collaboration with the State Foundation for the Cultural District (Katara), from 9 to 12 on the drama theatre in the Cultural District. The artists who are participating in this paly are: Abdulaziz Al-Muslim, Ghazi Hussein, Maram, Jamal Al-Shatti, Abdullah Al-Muslim, Ahmed Al-Tamar, Abdullah Al-Rumaihi, Khaled Al-Rabiah, Maya, Shaima Qambar.

The play addresses some social issues, promotes the system of community and moral values with a targeted comic framework, and addresses negative phenomena that are extraneous to the constants of society and that exist in the Arab arena, such as: the issues of corruption, the disadvantages of the social media, the high crime rate, particularly stabbing offences, the strengthening of the self-sufficiency system of products and industries, the visibility of the efforts of farmers and factory owners, how to achieve income diversification, the assistance of small, medium and private sector leaders to emerge from the crisis and its consequences, the protection of society, and the serious security role in addressing these phenomena, and the sacrifices of watchful eyes for the sake of society and homeland.