The Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented by the Department of Youth Affairs, concluded yesterday the event of the ” Shura Council Simulation” organized at the Ritz Carlton Hotel over two days, in partnership with the secretariat of the Shura Council, with a view to informing young people of the role and importance of the Council.


The simulation came on the directives of His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports for the Department of Youth Affairs, to focus its programs on raising youth awareness of the importance of active and positive participation in the Shura Council elections, which is an important step in the history of Qatar.


There has been a broad participation of young Qatari men and women, trained during the past period by Mr. Mohamed Al- Sada, Chief of the Legal Affairs Section of the shura Council, in order to inform them of the role of the Council and the importance of active participation in the selection of its members. The youth participating in the event were also practically trained to practice the tasks and competencies of the council in terms of legislation and oversight, in addition to identifying the procedural aspects relating to the election of the president and Vice-Presidents of the House and the establishment of committees, as well as raising the awareness of young people and urging them to participate actively in the elections, either by voting or standing for election, and to make them aware of the newly enacted laws on Council elections.

During the second day of the simulation sessions, there was a focus on examining one of the laws referred to the Council through the Legislative and Legal Committee, whose composition was announced on the first day, since the topics were always discussed in-house and the Legislative Committee compiled the proposals that had been put forward, compiled and arranged, to be presented to the members of the Council through the Committee’s report for discussion at the plenary meeting.


The youth had a set of comments and inquiries about the meaning and point of some of the articles, which were discussed in a civilized, high-end atmosphere where respect prevails.


In the end, the youth who were participating and the ones organizing the event from the Department of Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Sports thanked the Shura Council Secretariat for their great cooperation. The organizers of the event also praised the selected youth for their commitment and awareness of the importance of the program, which had an impact on its success, as the Youth Affairs Department received many requests from young people to have other copies of the program.