Abdullah Al-Musleh, Head of the photography section at the Youth Hobbies Center, revealed the plan of Ministry of Culture and Sports towards the section following the announcement of the establishment of “Akkas” center for Photography indicating in an interview with Al-Raya that the section is closed and all its members joined the new center in addition to merging of its accounts on social media platforms to the new center.


On the other hand, Al-Musleh emphasized that the section has succeeded, over the course of six years, in supporting and developing the photography in Qatar whether within various workshops and events or within interactive and virtual exhibitions. Also, he revealed the plan of Akkas center during the next period.  The details are mentioned below.

  • In the beginning, what is the fate of the photography section now?

After the Ministry of Culture and Sports recently announced the establishment of “Akkas” center, it decided closing the photography section of the Youth Hobbies Center and merged it with the new center where the winners of the Ramadan photography competition, which will be announced this week, will be the last event to be held under the name of the Photography section in addition to merging all accounts of the section on social media platforms with the new center.


  • How do you see this step from your point of view?

There is a state of anticipation that afflicted photography enthusiasts in Qatar. After the decision to close the Qatari Photography Society nearly 6 years ago and the establishment of a photography section affiliated to the Youth Hobbies Center, we exerted a great effort to promote the photography movement and during this period we succeeded in organizing various free training workshops offered to members with four sessions each month and during these workshops members are provided with things they need and things the market needs. Also, we offer on monthly basis a personal exhibition of one of the affiliates in addition to establishing the “Annual Picture Forum” in addition to various virtual events offered during Corona Pandemic.


  • What about the plan of “Akkas” center during the coming period?

The center’s summer program will be announced soon during the next two months while the center will continue receiving membership applications from male and female members wishing to join until the first of next July via the electronic link through the “Shabab Al-Adaam” application after which the door for candidacy for elections of the center’s management will be opened after completing the membership registration procedures.


  • What do you think of the Photography movement at the local level?

Photography is one of the fields that witness a great movement in Qatar on the official or personal levels. In the past in Qatar Photography Society and in the present in the Youth Hobbies center, we have a very great activity and there is a demand of young people for the activities of the center and this makes photography in a state of constant and active movement.