The classic cars that decorates Darb Al Saai site in Umm Salal are a unique destination for classics connoisseurs to take pictures next to them, as the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations provided a number of types of classic cars to give an aesthetic appearance to Darb Al Saai. Besides, the committee was keen to distribute cars at all entrances of Darb Al Saai to provide an opportunity of watching them and taking pictures with them for the largest number of visitors. These cars carry old Qatari plates, and they are models of vehicles, some of which are out of date and others that are contemporary with modernity, and all of them work well and attract heritage lovers and amateurs of old classic vehicles in their black, blue, burgundy and white colors.

These traditional vehicles also express the past of the vehicle industry, which used to take up a large area and is characterized by heaviness and massiveness, and differs from today’s vehicles that embrace modernity in energy and external appearance. However, the heritage of old vehicles appeals to many because it summarizes the past, its days, and human movements to and from places, markets and homes and on sandy or uneven roads.

These classic vehicles have a distinguished history from the past of originality and the preservation of their owners from distortion and extinction, and many of them today carry diagonal plates and are characterized by attractive colors and aesthetic flow that capture hearts.

It is noteworthy that there are many classic car enthusiasts in the country, and they have various models and types, most of which have been since the sixties of the last century, where this type of car is a companion for classics enthusiasts